Butiki Teas Birthday Bonanza One-Day Sale!!! 3 Contests!!!! July 25th!!

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Katiek said

Couldn’t resist, just placed an order. Happy Birthday!

Thank you! :)

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ifjuly said

PayPal hasn’t worked for me all morning. It’s not just the Butiki cart; even their home site won’t load. Won’t load on my husband’s computers either. I know this has nothing to do with Butiki, and I don’t mean this as a complaint or to be a downer—just venting about PP. Uggggggh! Will be so sad if I can’t jump on this sale.

ifjuly said

uhhhh whoops, and Happy Birthday Stacy! (: I really like your idea of doing something new and a bit scary each year.

Oh no, sorry about all the frustration. If it is still giving you trouble, let me know and you can place the order tomorrow or I can invoice you. We will figure out something so you don’t miss the sale.

ifjuly said

You are so nice! I did manage to get PayPal to work late last night—for some strange reason the site works fine on this old dinosaur of a desktop in the den but none of the newer laptops in the house. No idea why. Anyway, I ordered a zillion types of tea, so yay thank you for the sale. Hope your birthday was splendid!

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Chizakura said

Happy Birthday Stacy! :)

Quick question about the shipping, I just wanted to clarify something. Say I purchased for example 7oz of Premium Taiwanese Assam, and 4oz Mi Xian Black, will this count as 1-2 teas shipping, or will it be more since it’s such high amounts of each?

I’m used to going for free shipping, so I hardly even know how the shipping costs work, haha.

One more question about selecting free teas, is it possible to say I chose $10 worth of Premium Taiwanese Assam. Is it possible to request an ounce and a bit (to hit $10 exactly) or do we need to calculate with purchasable amounts? For example, two ounces of PTA wouldn’t be eligible for $10 of tea since purchasing two ounces cost $14, but would it work to request an ounce and partial amount to make it to $10? I hope that wording made sense, hehe.

It will count as 2 teas unless you have multiple of the same tea. For instance if you purchase the 4oz bag of PTA that is 1 tea but if you purchase 2 4oz bags that is 2 teas. Does that make sense?

We would allow you to order $10 of PTA.

Chizakura said

Ah I see, that makes perfect sense. :) Thanks very much!

You’re welcome! Glad that made sense. :)

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Happy birthday, Stacy! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you Tea Sipper!!! :)

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Sil select said

Hope you have an amazing birthday week Stacy! Enjoy all the fabulous things you have planned :)

Thanks Sil, that’s sweet of you to say! :)

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1 1/2 hour warning!!! We are getting closer to midnight!!! Also, don’t forget to send in those haikus!!!!

augh, late-night strategizing!

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Oh man. I wish I wasn’t on a ‘have to pay for a car’ hiatus. This is such a tempting deal. Though I still haven’t gone through a good portion of my last order. Lol!

Anyway. Happy Birthday Stacy! Hope you ate lots of cake and had lots of fun. ^^

Oh no, I hope you get your car fixed soon or is this a new car? Thanks for the birthday wishes!

It’s a ‘new’ car in the sense that it’s 10yrs newer than my current one (which s 20yrs old and now needs new brakes so I’m just putting the $800 cost into a ‘newer’ car), but it’s not like, fresh off the lot. I wish I could afford a brand new car. Lol.

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Dinosara said

Happy late Birthday, Stacy! I have to say that I was considering an order but got tied up with other things until late and clean forgot. But I was torn between ordering now or waiting for the Taiwanese Wild Mountain black, so my decisicion was made for me. :)

Well, I will mention that the wild tea is expected to be shipped today or Monday. So, that should be a week or so.

Sil select said

Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine…..

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We have chosen a winner for the Haiku Contest!!! Thank you everyone that entered, there were so many awesome haikus. Here is the one that won:

Life can be bitter
and yet bitter reveals sweet
Life is bittersweet

Terri L. wrote this haiku about our Khongea Golden Tippy Assam.


Lala said

Congrats Terri, you are a haiku master

Thanks Lala! I’m not sure that I’m a master, but I have always loved coming up with Haiku so it’s exciting to have won!

Cavocorax said

Congrats. :)

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