The Cupboard: How are you using it?

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Ellyn select said

Kasumi how are you using your cupboard? I have just switched to trying to add mostly everything I have on hand….

I started with just adding everything I had on hand, including samples, but lately after experience with swapping, I feel I should only list what I am willing to share.

another Idea I had is to use it for teas I still need to log a tasting note for.

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I’ve been using my cupboard like a cupboard, though I’m not putting in those I only have a few servings of. Less than 3 cups worth and I don’t put it in, which includes most of my ‘swap’ samples but not my paid for samples, if that makes sense. I’ve been going through once a week or so to add and delete teas to keep it up to date. Right now I have a backlog of teas to add (and drink!) but if I taste one and I have more than 3 cups worth of it, I add it then definitely.

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Sil select said

I have everything in my cupboard even if there’s only a one cup sample. I don’t swap all the time, so it’s a way for me to track exactly what i have in my house. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t an easy way to list how much is there so I run the risk of when I swap, there will be something in my cupboard someone wants that I can’t give them because i only have a cup. However i figure most people will be understanding, and i can always let them know up front that I only have a small amount.

It’s also incentive for me to drink my samples down faster so that I can get my cupboard quantity down :)

Cavocorax said

That’s the way I do it too! It does complicate swaps a little but I just try to drink all my samples/almost-gone tea sooner.

this is how I prefer to use mine!

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Azzrian said

Wow I was JUST thinking about how to use mine and here this thread is bumped from years ago! Its a sign! LOL
I can’t decide if I should only put my all time favorites in there – the ones I WILL ALWAYS reorder and ALWAYS have in my cupboard. Or all of them I have on hand now that are more than a few servings. Or use it for what I have to trade but then I am not really into trading as much as just sending out random gift boxes and boxes I offer up for gifts.
Uggg I took EVERYTHING out a while back as I just didn’t know what to do with it.
I have a lot of teas I am gifting right now and a lot that I need to sample and review before I can share them or pass them on. Then I have my staples. Which I need to organize.
I think I am going to use my cupboard for my staples. The teas I would not do without – those that I highly recommend to others. But that will have to wait until I have sent out all the gift boxes I already have people signed up for, and have time to really consider my remaining teas.
Glad I talked that out to myself and thank you for bumping this thread.

I like the idea of using it for staples.

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BoxerMama said

I don’t add samples. I should, because then I would actually know what I have. But, I have too many samples.

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So far I have just added things I have paid/gotten in large quantity as a gift. I don’t add samples. One of my favourite things is to sit down after a tea shopping trip with my computer and receipt and add all my new babies! er teas.

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Alphakitty said

My basic rule is that any tea I have in an ounce or more (or 1/2 ounce for whites) I add, whether I bought it or it’s from a swap. Anything under is “sample sized” and I try not to add since I use my cupboard for swapping a lot and I rarely have enough of that stuff to send out.

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Anna said

I’m new. I put everything on there because I don’t have much, and half of them are samples. I like organizing things, making lists, and sharing them with the internets, so I expect this will be used as an inventory. I doubt I’ll get into trading and whatnot, but who knows? I swore to myself I wouldn’t sign up on this site, and here I am anyway.

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darby select said

I just add the ones I’m willing to swap.

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T.C. said

I put everything I currently have on hand there. I’m not FORCED to trade any of it and it gives other an idea of what I have/like/am looking for.

(just had to go edit mine after I traded away a bunch!)

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