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Can you make iced tea this way?

I’m just getting into tea, and I’ve been making single serve cups of iced tea from different bags so I can try all the flavors. I’m not too into hot beverages except a morning cup of coffee, so I like to drink it cold.

We have a Keurig in the office here. So what I do is make a 10 oz. cup of hot water, put the tea bag of choice in and usually 1 packet of sugar. I steep it for a good 5 minutes then put the paper cup in the fridge for about 15 minutes. (I usually prepare 2 at a time like that.)

After it’s cooled, I pour the tea into one of those thick plastic cups with the screw on lid and large “permanent” straws, toss in a bunch of ice, stir, and drink.

Am I killing any of the flavor by doing that, or is that an acceptable way of making a quick one-serve cup of iced tea? I’m trying to make it as natural as possible – no corn starchy cold brews or sugar-filled, pre-made iced teas.


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What I do is steep the tea on the stronger side with a little more tea and less water. Sometimes I add sugar there, depending on the tea.

I then pour the tea over lots of ice in a plastic tumbler/glass/whatever and it is done – saves waiting for the tea to cool in the fridge.

My only feedback is the paper cup could transfer flavor into the tea, but if it works for you and thats what equipment you got there, it’s all good.

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icetraigh said

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I was going straight to the ice for a while, but I cracked a couple of thinner plastic cups due to the quick temp changes. I’m letting them cool just for safety’s sake now. LOL

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This way works! but for a different flavour profile from the same tea bag type, you could just fill the cup with water, slap the bag in, and put it in the fridge for anywhere from 3-24hrs. You can experiment with timings and water quantity.

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