Lupicia Summer Happy Bags

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Becky said

I got exactly the same thing as Amy. On the one hand, there were zero surprises in my bag, which made me a little sad. On the other hand, it’s a $120 retail bag of tea (exactly!) and I wanted almost all of them. So, yay for tea…especially the grapefruit green, I’ve been missing it.

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Ciara select said

I also got the same thing as Amy oh for the $60 happy bag. A few friends on facebook have the same thing as well, so it seems pretty consistent. My boyfriend ordered with me and got the $30 happy pack and this is what was in it:

Peach Melba (10 tea bags)
Momo Oolong Super Grade (10 tea bags)
Tsugaru Green (10 tea bags)
Decaf Muscat (10 tea bags)
Chocolate & Strawberry Puer (50g loose leaf)
Assam Calcutta Auction (50g loose leaf)
Kirara Rice (50g loose leaf)
Tokio (50g loose leaf)

This was a $60 retail exactly.

I was missing something from my order outside of the lucky packs and am also waiting for a reply on that, but I’m sure it was just a mistake and will be taken care of.

Sil select said

mmmm chocolate & strawberry puerh…

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