Artp said

Considering a new Traveling Tea Box- [SIGN UPS CLOSED- UPDATED 8/16]

I would send out a box (prefer to send by september) filled with different varieties of tea; I would include mostly flavoreds, like DavidsTea, DellaTerra, and the like (my cupboard is not up to date, but I’ll soon post what I’d include). I also have some great Darjeeling I’ll never finish so I’d want to include that.

Just a few things to consider (inspired by Chuckieroy’s thread, so thanks for that):

-US only, unless we get volunteers who specifically are willing to ship internationally

-Don’t sign up unless you really want to do it; you will have to give up some tea as well as pay postage, but all of that, I think, seems minimal compared to the activity.

-Try and be fair with what you take out/put in. This is speaking to both quality/price and weight of the tea.

-Don’t keep the box too long.

I’ll include a log we can write in of what we took out, put in, tasting notes, etc.


I tried to make it so no one is shipping too far from themselves, though with some of our farther-living friends this was a necessity. Anyway, shipping shouldn’t cost much more than $7 for any of us, if USPS is correct, and that’s on the high end. Once mine is shipped out, I’ll let y’all know how much it was.

OK, Here’s the order I’m looking at. Please message your address to the person before you:

1. Debbie (Maryland) (Received and sent)
2. Linnaete (North Carolina) (Received and sent)
3. Dignitea (North Carolina) (Received and sent)
4. Exidy (Virginia) (Received and sent)
5. Ellyn (Massachusetts) (Received and sent)
6. Teatee (Massachusetts) (Received)
7. Dr. Jim (Massachusetts)
8. Iridium (massachusetts)
9. Bluelotus (New York)
10. Teamore (New York)
11. Short Sorceress (Wisconsin)
12. Skysamurai (Minnesota)
13. Brewteally Sweet (California)
14. Moraiwe (Wisconsin)
15. Back to me, Artp (New Jersey)

I have an absolutely insane work week, but it will be sent out within a week or so- that gives me time to fill out the box, get a journal for it, etc. I’m also going to be in a Harney and Sons store tomorrow, so I’m gonna try to pick up some bigger assortments. If you want something specific from H&S, I might be able to get it if you message me.

Thanks Y’all. Let me know if there’s any concerns.

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Iridium said

Hi! I’d definitely be interested — these traveling tea boxes seem like a lot of fun. =] I am pretty new here, though, so I know my tea swap credibility is kind of nonexistent at this point, and I understand if I’m not sufficiently trustworthy… (I’m in Massachusetts.)

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Dr Jim said

I didn’t respond because I’m part of the ChuckieRoy box, but if you need more participants, I’d be glad to take part. I’m in Massachusetts

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DigniTea said

I’ll take part in the Tea Box. I live in North Carolina.

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I’m also part of the ChuckieRoy box, but if you’re still looking for people I’ll take part.

I’m in Wisconsin

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Ditto!! ^

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Skysamurai said

Hey there Artp! I saw your post in the other thread and was waiting and waiting and never saw your thread till today. poor glitchy steepster….

I would love to take part _

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moraiwe said

Also part of the ChuckieRoy box, but always up for more if you still need people :)

Editing to add, I’m in Wisconsin

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Exidy said

I would be interested in participating. It’s amazing how my tea stash just keeps building. I love to try new teas and would love to share some of mine that I may never finish.

I’m in Virginia.

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AmberLynn said

New York here! Id love to do it :)

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