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I am needing a name for my tea business, in the making. I will be promoting tea, duh, and tea accessories. No food at the present time as this will be a very very small business within a shop of other small businesses that are “hip” to the small town. There is a wine shop, a deli, a chocolate shop, and a coffee shop in this building and they all help eachother out … a great community of business owners. I don’t know the laws of copyright on names… so I am needing some assistance. I have a couple names in mind, but am unsure. I would like to hear from the “tea community” of what might catch your interest in a name. Thanks!

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Dustin said

Personally, I think there are too many shops with tea incorporated in the name similar to Teavana. Maybe something that makes you think of tea without directly saying it? Cup and Kettle? Something that ties to the names of the other shops in the building? Like if they are all two words or have a certain feel to them, follow that.

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Katiek said

Msybe something that incorporates the name of your town or region?

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MelissaTea said

I think you need to put “tea” somewhere in the name else people won’t know what you’re selling. For example, there was a thread here about a new place called “Wize Monkey”. By itself, the name “Wize Monkey” that doesn’t give the consumer any idea what it sells. When you expand it to “Wize Monkey Tea”, then you’re on the right track.
Also, having “Tea” in the name will allow you to be found when people do internet searches to discover tea shops in the neighborhood. If you develop a website this will be helpful as well.

Good luck.

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I always liked the name RoyalTea. But that would be better for something promoting British style tea, I think.
Other ideas are:
SustainabiliTea (for an enviro/green business)
Brimful of Tea
Cuppa Camellia (the tea leaf is camellia sinensis)

For me, something clever, unique, and relevant to the business would impress me.

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Excelsior said

Maybe something musical
Allegro Tea Co.

Or maybe an estate
Castleton Teas
Arya Teas
Bloomfield Teas
Sivitar Teas

Enterprise Teas (Star Trek)
Empire Teas (Star Wars)
Westeros Teas (Game of Thrones)
King’s Landing Teas (Game of Thrones)
Highgarden Teas (Game of Thrones)

Highgarden because most of the high quality Taiwanese Oolongs and Indian Darjeelings are grown in gardens high in altitude

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