Our Etsy Shop is Up!

We are offering super-premium artisanal fair trade teas from Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the few places that keep intact the ancient traditions of hand-made Oolong teas, and we work with 3rd and 4th generation farmers growing organic teas – hand-picked and traditionally processed. These teas are competition-grade, which means deep body, complex aromas, and subtle finish, much like fine unblended wine or single-malt scotch.

Please visit our Etsy Shop to check out our Starting Five, the five best selling teas we carry.

Mention your Steepsterishness to earn yourself an introductory discount on a 75 gram purchase of any Mantra Tea.

Visit our Webstore to get more details and pictures: www.mantra-tea.com.tw

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Javan said

Thanks for pointing out your site. I’ve just been reading about Taiwanese oolongs and am tempted to try one. All the best, Jim

Merci Jim, we hope you get a chance to look us up :)

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Nice Etsy shop! Just an idea- you might get more sales if you offer smaller quantities on Etsy. I personally don’t like to buy something that expensive without trying a sample first or purchasing a smaller quantity first. Good luck! :)

Hi Stephanie, point taken. We have a sampling set available on the Webstore, link below, and will soon post it to Etsy too.

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A link to our Etsy Sampling Set:

Choose any three fine Formosa teas, and we’ll cover the shipping fees.


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I just placed an order for samples. Yay! \(^^)/

Many Thanks to Shelley our first Etsy customer :)
and soon to be first Steepster Reviewer!

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Fascinating article about the bottled water industry. I didn’t know San Francisco municipal water came from Yosemite Valley and is so clean the EPA doesn’t require any filtering. Can you guess how much of that you could buy for $1.35?!


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Ps our online shop is temp closed as we transition hosting services. In the meantime you can visit us on Etsy, and if there’s any tea in our cupboard you want to try, just mention that and we’ll make it available temporarily on Etsy.
Cheers :)

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We have a new sample size on offer: 10 grams of Ruby Black. This tea already sells very well in China and Taiwan. But in America we feel it has not yet been tried.

Each month we will open a new bag and reseal into 10 gram vacuum-packed foil. We want to emphasize that these teas are not sitting in a big jar and drying out while we wait for an order!

Rather this is a FRESH pack of tea that we are opening to introduce Taiwan Single Estate Teas to the American market.

A link to the item on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/167331232/monthly-single-10-grams-loose-leaf

oh I love the Ruby Black! Everyone needs to try it. I wish I could buy more already, but I am so poor :( lol.

Wow sounds good!

Sil select said

interesting…i’ll have to check it out. I enjoyed ruby blacks that i’ve had previously.

No time like the present Sil! Stephanie already took the first twenty grams :)

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Shelley :) we made a new financing program for you!

Go to Etsy and use this code for free shipping on your Ruby Black. It’s good till November end.

Best wishes :)


yay that it’s for all november. i have a birthday in November (22nd) and I can use birthday money to buy tea :D

Well then! We’ll make sure to include a birthday gift :)

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Stephanie, we’ve taken your advice and now we want you to try some of our tea :)


You are a star!!! We are sending 20 grams :)

:D Can’t wait to try it!

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Rounding out our Etsy shop with Premium Sugar-Free Matcha Powder.

This is Cermonial Grade Matcha, only it’s packaged at the farm in individual serving-sized packets. It’s very convenient for taking Matcha on the road, or to the office. And the Matcha stays fresh much longer!

And for a limited time: FREE SHIPPING :)


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