Zoomdweebie's Tea Bar Video - Opinions?

This is the first draft of the first of our crowd-sourcing campaign videos to bring back Zoomdweebie’s Tea Bar. Would love to have your opinions on it. So far, we’re aware of a typo in my name and an extraneous link to teas.com. Please let me know if you see any other issues and tell us what you think. =) http://youtu.be/T0VcQZo4BPU

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Lala said

The video looks good. My only suggestion would be to shorten up the video. At over 5 minutes, it is a long one to watch if you have never heard of Zoomdweebies or you are not sure if you are interesting in this campaign.

I would suggest have a short “Hook” video (1-2 minutes) explaining that you want to restart the tea bar, how much money you need, and the perks of contributing to the campaign. I think you can take all of the history and info of the tea bar and put that into a second, third video, etc. Once someone is interested, then they will take the time to watch all of the vids.

Sil select said

I second this!

Thanks. I’ll see what we can do. I actually thought we had done a pretty good job of shortening it as it is. LOL. But we have LOTs of material. Didn’t really even get into the crazy culture aspects of the place, or the testimonials we have…

Anyway, I think we’re going to have some time. I had to postpone it any more, but I’m thinking we should wait until the specialty tea season begins in late September or October. =( I don’t want to wait.

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Kittenna said

I agree with Lala. I started watching it but at over 5 minutes, it was a bit long. I apparently have a short attention span. My comments:
-there’s a fairly long gap of dead space between the end of the scrolling info and it switching to you… overly long, IMO
-I did only watch perhaps the first two minutes – could you possibly inject some humour and keep it a bit more fast-paced? That would grab my attention a lot more.
-I agree with Lala; keep the majority of the history, etc. to a second video. If someone’s interest is piqued, they may watch it, but it won’t help to pique interested in itself.
-I liked the professional-looking captions/title pages (idk what they’re called)

I do think it’s an excellent start, however!!

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I know you say in the video that you’re not very good at speaking, but the main thing for me was the lack of enthusiasm in your delivery. The self-deprecation makes you almost sound defeated. I was hoping to see a little more “yeah, let’s do this!” attitude.

I agree with Lala & Kittenna – you can definitely dock at least a minute or two. The testimonial at the end is nice, but it was hard for me to understand what that person was saying, and I think you should definitely drop that part if it’s going to be a separate video.

Can’t wait to help out when the campaign begins!

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MelissaTea said

I read what others had to say above before watching it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was better than I anticipated.
I liked the Star Wars beginning and the bits of history you gave about the old place. I agree that it could use a bit more enthusiasm (but not silliness) to give it a little more punch.
Good luck.

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Dustin said

Ok, nit picking is something I do, so grab a few grains of salt. :) You look really concerned in the video and it came across to me as not being very happy. You also look away from the camera a bit, both can make it hard to connect with an audience you are trying to grab. In the first part of the video you said um many times. It is a filler that I find myself using a bit when speaking to a group and am struggling to break that habit because it does break up the flow of what I’m trying to say and can be distracting. I would love to see more confidence instead of appologies comming across. I want to see confidence from the kickstarter and feel like they are hyped and ready to seize the opportunity. The tea in the background is great. It is always cool to see the behind the scenes and inner workings of stuff you buy. If you want to get away from doing a lot of talking, maybe think about having someone narrate what you are trying to accomplish with the kickstarter while you are shown blending teas or other shop duties?
Hope that helps and doesn’t just come off as me being super critical and mean!

Kittenna said


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Uniquity said

Okay, I am terrible too (and at work) so I could only watch the first minute of the video, but I echo the above in that a main Kickstarter video needs to be short and to the punch. Yes, your loyal fan base will likely donate no matter what but the odds are high that you need to grab more than the regulars’ attention to get this off the ground.

I love the Star Wars at the beginning, but you need to cut 5 – 10 seconds of dead screen before you begin. More eye contact and enthusiasm would help but try to make sure it doesn’t come off as fake. A thought I had was maybe you would do better in a dialogue than a monologue – enlist someone to ‘act it out’ with you. It might be too cheesy, but it might help you share the enthusiasm I know you feel for your company and your product.

Also, I didn’t watch the whole thing so it might be in there, but another cheesy/geek thing would be to mention that your tea has been endorsed by the likes of Neil Gaiman. Nerds love that stuff!

I wish you the best of luck in getting the tea bar back again. If you build it, they will come – right? :)

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JustJames said

i am going to be candid because really, it saves time.

-you have people dressed up in collars and costumes, but you were very plain clothes.

-i stopped watching at the accordion, (sorry)

-i agree with the ‘less is more’ approach… you usually have less than 60 seconds to hook a consumer and make them laugh.

-be memorable!!! i have worked in customer service for years and have customers that go up to my managers and ask ‘for that dude with the wild red mowhawk’. i’m the only one they’ll work with.

-if public speaking is absolutely not your thing then grab some video editing software and cut together some testimonials! that’s one of the strongest aspects of steepster! i have a friend who reviewed your ‘pancake breakfast’, it sounded awesome, i went to your website, it was archived, i winged and CHAroma said ‘hey, i just so happen’ and sent me like 40 little sample bags. aaaaaaaaaand i placed an order with you last week.

testimonials from the people it will benefit is an invaluable tool. third party testimonials drive this site, which drives sales to thrive or to fail for the vendors… this site is a living example of the power of testimonials and third party opinion.

the one you linked i did not like, but look at what you can do with tea, man! i have absolute faith that reading what some have said here will help you to nail it.

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