The New Tea Website - Looking for Feedback and Support

Aloha Steepster,

Today my team launched our latest version of Tealet’s website ( which now hosts both retail and wholesale commerce for tea direct from the farm. Our most popular product is the Global Tea Taster subscription where we curate four new teas every other month and include the stories of the growers. Receive 30% off all subscription plans in the month of August! Our current shipment features Spring 2013 Senchas and a crowd favorite, Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong.

Please take a look at the site and let me know what you think. How is the navigation and design? Is there anything missing? Are you experiencing any problems on the site?

If you are a tea retailer and interested in learning more about our wholesale program you can click the “Wholesale” button on the top menu. Once there you will need to make an account and provide your company name. Auctions are live until Wednesday 11AM PST and we have reduced the starting bid prices 30% to celebrate our launch. You can also visit directly.

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Lala said

I think the new website looks good, but to be honest, I don’t remember if I ever visited the old one.

The home page took a really long time to load, but after that, it was quick once I clicked on something.

Really easy to navigate and to find what I was looking for. I like that the links in the header and the footer are in large type and easy to find.

Aloha, thank you so much for the note. We realize that we need to lower some of the image sizes and it should load faster.

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I remember the old website and find this new layout easier to navigate and find the teas.

I did review a few teas in the old website – the review system was very fun to use, though picking the colour of the tea was very difficult. Is the same review system in effect?

Yes, and we are working to make the evaluation form much more user-friendly. If you have any specific recommendations of how we can improve the form. We have been going back and forth Tony Gebely, who established the cupping standards we use, and he thinks that color may not that important for us to capture now. We thought maybe have a photo upload to get color but it brings up the issue of light, water, and preparation method. As far as scoring the teas the color inputs are not considered, but we thought it was fun feature so people could feel like they can professionally cup teas.

I love the cupping standard flavor terms used in the review. The thing I found tricky was colour of tea leaf, which tea leaves have many colours.
With pu’er I also found it hard to restrict to only 3 infusions, though I imagine not many casual reviewers would remember each infusion past 3. But crazy bloggers like me wrote the whole experience down and often pu’er goes on for quite a number of infusions, so the option of reviewing more would be cool, or knowing how many infusions the reviewer got.

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$30.50 for 30 grams why so expensive?

Cost is something that we have to deal with, and we are working our hardest to bring them down. First off, for our retail products we only purchase the highest grade teas. In addition to the tea we offer a heightened experience and connection to the grower. Our prices are not just for tea but for the whole experience. All teas are packaged in reusable tins and come with trading cards of the grower. As we grow all our costs will go down significantly, especially packaging. Finally, the biggest reason why our costs are so high is because of shipping. Be mindful that all our superficial prices on the website include shipping anywhere in the world. Shipping 1 ounce of tea internationally is now close to $10, and it seems like every month there is a new increase in shipping rates. These are all issues that we are dealing and working hard to reduce so we can pass on the savings to the consumer. There is hope for getting our grower’s teas at more affordable prices for those true tea lovers that just want the tea. We are building out a Tea Chest where you can order bulk tea at wholesale prices (and you don’t have to be a tea retailer to participate). These will be the same quality teas just without the tins and trading cards at prices closer to $2-5 per ounce. I envision in the future that this will become the core of our business.

Thanks Elyse :)

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