Butiki Teas Garage Sale

Round 1 is Up.

We are hosting an online garage sale on our website. Most items will be sold for $1-$5 each. The majority of items come from our personal collections and have been used; however, some items are inventory items that need to be cleared out. We will make a note if the item is new or if we have more than one item. We have about 6 large boxes of items and will be adding them in batches of 5 throughout the upcoming weeks. The reason we are doing this, is so that we don’t have a lot of garage sale items to send out at once. If you would like us to hold your purchase in order to see additional items in case of combining shipping, please let us know and we will hold your order until the end of the garage sale. We are assessing shipping charges as if they are being shipped to California (we are located in New Jersey). If you live closer, you may be entitled to a partial shipping refund. We are doing this with shipping charges to ensure that we don’t lose money on the order. Adding tea will most likely add very little to the shipping charges, due to the teawares being heavy. At heavy weights the rates are better when adding additional ounces. If you add tea, you may also be entitled to a partial shipping refund. International purchasers (this includes Canada) please email us for a quote. If you purchase without requesting a quote, you have 24 hours to pay the shipping invoice before we relist the item on our site. Items are nonrefundable.


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Just wanted to mention that all of our garage sale items are finally up on the website. Out of 36 items, we have 15 left. Please note, that the shipping prices are priced out as if we are shipping to California, non West Coast residents will receive a partial refund (East Coast residents receive a substantial refund). Adding additional items will only increase shipping by a small portion.

Check out our remaining items: http://www.butikiteas.com/GarageSale.html

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