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I wondered when Adagio was going to come out with some new stuff!

What are your thoughts!?

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Cofftea said

Well, other than the fact that think they should clear there “coming soon” cache before coming out w/ new teas. I thought they were wonderful (I have 2 left to try but I’m sure they’re just as fantastic. MY question/concern is how are these different than the teas they already sell- they look, taste, and smell identical. The WuYi Da Hong Pao, Anhui Keemun, and Gold Pu Erh are the only ones that seem different IMO. Even if they aren’t different, I’d gladly choose their much cheaper counter part. ($7.50/sample is way over the average of the rest of their samples). If these prices continue, Adagio will no longer be a “gateway” tea company.

I also love the new labels and steeping parameters. I hope they keep them.

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I have been waiting on placing an order and am now considering it, however, I was curious about the pricing on them as well…for their sample tins, that is…

Cofftea said

Yeah 2 sets, $29 each averages $7.50 a tin.

I saw that..oye

Cofftea said

My suggestion would be to get set 2, then get set 1’s cheaper counter parts.

Technically I could get both…I have the ‘credits’ but was also thinking about getting blends with those ‘credits’ so now it’s a toss-up! LOL

Cofftea said

Make your points go the farthest… I personally don’t think set 1 is worth the $ or points. But that’s just me.

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