NEED your input, please.

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Jillian said

I can speak from experience in saying that the Pina Colada Honeybush is awesome iced with a bit of honey.

Personally I’d bring a pretty even spread of the different types of tea – black, green, rooibos, honeybush, etc. That way people will be exposed to the different tea ‘options’ (for instance maté isn’t very common as a tea where I live so it would be a great novelty) and they’ll be able to see the incredible inventiveness you’re capable of in regards to flavouring. And if the weather does turn out icky, well you’ll have some choices to serve hot aswell. ;)

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Erin said

The Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Honeybush was the best iced tea I’ve ever made!

Cofftea said

I feel that way about cuc melon:)

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My personal favorite is Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana Rooibos. (And I am not the biggest fan of rooibos blends, either! But this one is SO good.)

I also really love the pomegranate honeybush and the Malted Chocomate… and the Malted Genmaicha.

You will be happy to know that Chelsea whined until I agreed to let her blend one more pound of this for the show. Will let you know, but I imagine we will have some left over.

oh man, if there is any left over i am so next in line, i hope….

I gotta say I really like Chelsea. She deserves a raise.

Chelsea’s urgent reason why we needed to reblend some of the Chelsea blend: “More people need to see how cute I am!” I’m not kidding.

i don’t think that’s too bad a reason, in fact i support it, if it gets the tea back in stock :)

Yeah, I’m with AmazonV. I just want more of this tea … so whatever it takes.

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