teafiend said

Tea-stemming emotions

Does any particular tea effect your mood or stir up some feeling? What emotions do particular teas bring out in you?

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Cofftea said

Drinking tea relaxes me, not only my body but my emotions. The only thing it doesn’t relax is my bladdar dang it LOL.

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gmathis said

Best cup of tea I EVER had…couldn’t tell you the variety to save my life…was the first one I had following a wicked ice storm a couple Decembers ago. After a week of sub-freezing temps, no heat, no hot food, lack of sleep from cold and stress, the power came back on on a Sunday afternoon, I turned on the TV loud (Scrooge; the Albert Finney musical), luxuriated in the light of the Christmas tree, grinned ear-to-ear listening to the dryer run, and drank my first hot cuppa in days. All was right with the world.

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I used to make a sun tea concoction when I was in Iraq. My wife would send me some fruit tea in the mail; it would get there about a month later. I would put about 5 teabags into a 1.5 liter bottle that I would strap down to the roof of my vehicle in the morning. I would leave it there to brew in the sun all day long. Come nightfall, I would remove the teabags and let it cool throughout the night.

In the morning, I would a strong and flavorful bottle of usually really cool tea to guzzle down in the morning. When compared to plain, sun-warmed water and bland military rations that tea was strong, bold and exciting. Sometimes it just reminded me of all the wonderful flavors that I was missing at home, other times the strength of the flavors and the coolness of the drink would just invigorate me for the day’s patrols.

Pete @
leafbox tea

Cofftea said

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for serving our country!

What an amazing creative solution – and eching @Cofftea – thanks for serving our country. Glad you’re home.

Cofftea said

Did you just try fruit teas or herbals and true teas as well?

I used whatever my wife sent me (being picky isn’t useful in combat zone!). Over the period of time I had a range of stuff – I grew partial to the fruit teas because the strength of the flavor was so refreshing. When it would get really cold at night, it was almost like drinking fruit punch with upside of being good for you!

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Marlena said

Tea is comforting, exciting, relaxing. It reminds me of many places, people, events, usually happpy ones, either by taste or scent.

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Random said

Emotions directly tie in with all of our senses. Which is very likely one of the reasons I am so mood driven on what I wish to drink, eat, or listen to.

The smell of lilac and honeysuckle can take me back to summer days when I was a kid. We had both in our back yard, and I still love lilac to this day.

For tea, its the opposite direction in that the tea I choose is based on my emotional mood. When I’m in a happy good mood I’m likely to be drawn to floral or fruity. If I craving cozy or comfort, I want warm, mellow, and spicy. Stick something fruity in my face when I’m upset, and I’ll want to throw it right back in yours. :)

Other senses can easily be involved beyond smell and taste.

Back a few decades ago, I joined the Air National Guard. Part of the way I got through basic training was to keep a count of how many days were left until I could go home. As Guard, I knew I would be going home again once my training was over.

But, that wasn’t quite accurate. I knew I wasn’t going home right after basic. I had to get through tech school first. So basic was over, I go to my new base and am assigned a room all to myself. There were so few women in my squadron that the women’s floor had all of us in our own rooms by ourselves with empties left over.

So I get there, go out to get a few necessities, like an radio alarm clock. And I’m there in the room entirely alone first time in almost 2 months, listening to the radio for the first time in almost 2 months. And the fantasy I had been telling myself had crumbled as I knew it would be yet more months until I got to go home and I was so alone and so home sick. And then on the radio plays the song “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crows (am I dating myself?). First time I had ever heard the song and thought it was ok. Don’t really think about it too much.

Skip ahead a couple decades. Its a late night at work and the office is empty. I have the radio on and that song comes on. All of a sudden I was back in tech school in that room by myself feeling all of those same feelings I had felt 20 years previously. It hit so hard, I had to call my husband just so I could hear his voice.

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I find liubaos switch my brain to frequency of fairly creative thoughts.

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