za-hi said

cheating on your drank

i know this is a site for all things tea, and this may or may not be a dumb question… but are many of you strictly tea, or do you have that occasional cup of joe? i’m curious to find out.

i don’t stray away from a delicious cup robust coffee. at times, i would give the tea a break and switch to coffee mode. i embrace both beverages with open arms. depending on what i feel like drinking, that’s what i’ll drink. however, i do find myself drinking tea more than coffee… obviously…

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Lala said

I drink coffee. Not as much as tea. But like my tea, I am very particular about my coffee. I want good coffee, not just any coffee. I am a sucker for Caribbean coffees.

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Dexter said

I don’t drink HOT coffee at all, there is something about hot coffee that bothers my stomach. I do drink iced coffee occasionally, but if I’m craving coffee I’m more apt to choose a coffee flavored tea.
If I’m going to cheat on tea it is going to be soda.

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I used to drink coffee. (Well, my tastes were expensive and sugary). Though if somebody offered, I’d drink a cup.

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alice said

I can only manage one cup of coffee a day at the most. The caffeine in coffee just throws me around so much and I end up not being able to sleep. I can easily drink 6 cups of tea a day without feeling the same caffeine jitters or insomnia.

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I drink coffee every wednesday night when I go to the local coffee shop and hang out with my friends sans baby. I try not to drink it any more than that because I crash pretty hard from the combination of caffeine and sugar (I generally drink a mocha or latte when I’m out). I don’t get that effect from tea so I prefer to stick to it most of the time, but this particular coffee shop makes truly horrid tea.

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Gene said

I’m coming to tea from a multiple expresso per day habit. I became ill last November and my doctor suggested i give up “overly” caffeinated drinks like coffee and soft drinks. By Christmas I discovered tea while gift shopping, and asked my doctor about tea. He said tea would be better for me than coffee and coke….so here I am.

A whole cupboard dedicated to tea, filled with blacks, oolongs, a couple of greens and a couple of Darjeelings.

Honestly, I don’t know if tea is better for me than coffee, but i’m not going to question it. I"m just gonna keep on brewing my tea.


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Kissadilla said

I’m almost exclusively a tea drinker, but I do love coffee as well. When I get a hankerin’ I like to cold brew a cup of ground 100% arabica in a quart of water in the fridge overnight and strain. Then I blend a little of that with some ice and coconut milk and a touch of honey, totally delicious. :)

I gave up soda years ago, but sometimes I’ll drink some 100% juice or smoothies. My teeth are just too sensitive anymore for much fruity drinks.

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yyz said

I still love coffee, although I’m now drinking quite a bit less of it. I love espresso and still am amazed at the variety of flavour one can draw from one simple drink depending on the bean, it’s roast, the water, the water temperature and the talent of the person drawing it. I prefer it black and unsweetened though when I’m craving a bitter dessert I’ll take cafe con panna preferably with unsweetened cream. When I want it cold I’ll just pour it unsweetened over ice.

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Angrboda said

I drink primarily tea, but do occasionally stop in at a coffee shop for a café latte. If i could make those at home i would have them a lot more frequently. I don’t really understand why some people seem to think it has to be mutually exclusive. For me they are widely different things.

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TeaVivre said

I prefer drink tea. Drinking tea has many health benefit. Tea acts to both help reduce cholesterol levels and thin your blood, naturally boost your immune system. Also can help your body stay hydrated.

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