cheating on your drank

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I love the deep, dark, roasty, chocolaty flavors of coffee, but I don’t drink much of it. There’s the high caffeine content, the comparatively expensive equipment needed to brew a good cup, and the fact that the ground beans go stale quite quickly. I have a moka pot that I use occasionally when I need a big jolt in the morning, and this summer I’ve been cold-brewing supermarket ground coffee in my cafetiere/French press for iced coffee, which for some reason I find really wonderful and refreshing in warm weather.

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OMGsrsly said

I love coffee, but my tummy can’t handle it very well anymore. Once or twice a week I’ll get an Americano (with cream) or a drip coffee (the place I go puts cinnamon sticks in it, I swear) as a treat and pick-me-up.

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