Hid tea from myself.

More than two years ago, I put all my favorite teas aside in order to make myself destash all the samples I’d accrued. Then I joined Steepster’s club (RIP) and… somehow… managed to forget the rest of my besties were in the cupboard at all.

I pulled down a bunch of tins I thought were empty today, and discovered I’d managed to hide A&D’s Captain Assam and Mermaid’s Kiss from myself. For over two years. Oops.

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I did that once! I hid my coconut oolong so as not to drink it ALL and couldn’t find it for the longest time :/

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Dr Jim said

I hid a box of unopened packages last month in order to force myself to drink up the stuff I’ve already opened, and as an argument for not making more purchases. Hopefully I won’t forget.

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