The Winner for MAY is For All the Tea in China!!!

The Winner for JUNE is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!!!

There was not a third book which received more than one vote, so we will have to take nominations and vote for JULY at another time.

So, start your reading! I will get my hands on For All the Tea in China this week (it’s ordered! It just needs to get here :) and divide up the chapters for each week’s reading into threads here on Steepster Discussions. I will also contact the author to arrange our discussion :) I’m thinking this would be great for the end of May, but I will see what her availability is.

I’d also like to note that the author Sarah Rose has a reading guide up at her website:

Again, if you have any questions for the weekly discussion, PM me or email me at J M A N N I at U A R T S dot E D U

I am also taking volunteers for organizing the chapters/questions for JUNE/Hitchhiker’s Guide. If you’d like to take on this responsibility reply to this message!

AmazonV volunteered!!! I know she is familiar with this book so we will be in capable hands for June :)

I can’t wait to start reading and discussing with all of you!

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That’s great! I am not sure if I will be available in June. But if I am, I would love to read Hitch Hiker’s guide. I heard of that book long time ago and always want to read it!

I would love to volunteer for organizing the chapters/questions for For All the Teas in China (partially because that will push me to read the book in time!). But I’ve never been to any book club and am not sure if I can handle it. Can you specify what the questions are like?

Thanks for organizing this book club! I’ve never seen something like this, a book club on a tea forum. What a great idea!

The questions are whatever we would like them to be! :) I posted some of the questions from the author above, we were talking about asking of the main characters “If So and So was a tea, what kind would they be?” etc. I also found this article on forming book group questions:

I’m happy to do that part this first month, but if something comes to you that you’d like to discuss, I can put it in that week’s main message, so that everyone can think about it. Just email me or reply here :)

Thank YOU for wanting to participate!

That’s very good resource! And wow there is a whole system about book clubs! Yeah I will follow you guys and participate in the discussion. This sounds fun!

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Cofftea said

I’ll be participating for May, but not June. It’s not a book I’m really interested in and luckily it’s also timed for a month I’ll be gone almost 2 weeks for.

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I’m willing to break out the chapters and come up with discussion points for “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”

I was hoping you might :) Thanks!!!!

Rabs said

Hooray! Thank you AmazonV! If you’d like any help or just want someone to bounce ideas off of, then please feel free to give me a hollar. :)

Janni select said

:D This is a personal favourite of mine. I’ll be excited to participate. :D I’ve got this super-awesome special edition of it with a really nice binding that my sister got me a loooong time ago. Can’t wait to break it out…that binding is so nice to hold! :)

sweet I now have two people to pester with thoughts :) i can’t wait to read this again, now which of my 4 copies to use…..

yes threewhales that is the anniversary edition of book one (titled: the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) I believe it has some extra history and notes about the series to make it “special” for the anniversary

this one contains all the books if you think you might want to read them later:

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Dan said

I have to buy the first book, but I’m ready for the second. I have the book, the movie, and the British TV series.

I didn’t know there are so many relevant media about the book. That makes it sound more fun! I may be on a long trip in June but I will see if I can take the book with me :D

do you have the radio show?

Dan said

I do not have the radio show.

if you enjoy the British tv series you might want to snag it

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Janni select said

I’m so excited! I’ll try to hit the library ASAP. Like that’s ever really a problem for me anyway…even if I’m not online, I’ve usually got a book I’m reading no more than a few steps away. XD

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k_t_bug said

Thank you so much JacquelineM for putting this together! I have ordered All the Tea in China from Amazon and am looking forward to the discussion here!

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I have ordered them as well, should be fun.

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Britt☮ said

Hitchhiker’s is one of my favorite books of all time. I can’t count how many times I’ve read it and I can’t wait to reread it again! :)

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