Where to buy loose japanese tea

Hi, I am some what new to tea and I bought a lot of tea from teavana, but I was recently told that they are overpriced, is this true? And if so, where should I buy tea from?

Thanks in advance!

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Andie select said

Den’s tea is a great site for Japanese green tea. They also offer a cheap sample set that I highly recommend to people who are new to tea. http://www.denstea.com/bnew-to-dens-teab-3-green-tea-sampler-for-novices-c-377_386.html

2nded. Den’s is wonderful!

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Uniquity said

I primarily drink their Chinese blacks but Teavivre has a number of good teas if you are interested in Chinese teas as well. They also do a free tea tasting activity where you can try several of their teas for reviews. www.teavivre.com

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I’m not sure about specifically Japanese green teas, but Adagio is a good site to try for different teas in general. They have good sized samples of lots of different types of tea at reasonable prices. I think the quality of the tea is pretty good, though there’s definitely other companies out there with better quality teas. But then, you’re also paying more. Lol. But I’d definitely recomend Adagio if you’re starting out.

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Try Yunomi.us

Yunomi is in Japan, but the shipping is pretty reasonable. A few things are cheaper than Den’s and they got stuff I haven’t seen at other tea sellers, like black Japanese teas and Sakura blossom tea.

Great quality and customer service too. :)

I’m another to agree with Yunomi. Fast delivery, well packaged and they include helpful information and discount coupons. :)

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I mostly drink oolong tea and some green, my favorite oolong is monkey picked, do you know where I can find that? Also, I liked teavana’s imperial dragon cast iron teapot, where can I find a pot like that at a more reasonable price?

Not sure where you are located, but World Market Cost Plus has cast iron tea pots for $19.99 http://www.worldmarket.com/product/green-cast-iron-teapot.do?&from=fn They have 4 different styles.

I saw them, but I was hoping to find something like the imperial dragon cast iron pot from teavana.

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Lupicia is a Japanese tea company with a large variety of tasty options. Their unflavored oolongs and green teas are great, and they are also geniuses with fruit flavors if you like those.

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