What is tea bags packing machine with outer wrapper, how to pack tea bags?

Tea bags packaging machine with wrapper means to pack ground tea or herbs into filter paper tea bags and pack the tea bags with an outer envelope.
Features: the inner bag can be with and without string and tag
Dosage range: 1-15g/bag
Packing speed: 40-75bag/min
Inner bag size: W: 40-80mm, L: 50-80mm
Outer bag size: W: 60-90mm, L:70-90mm
Tag size: W: 25-55mm, L: 20-40mm
Thread length: 155mm, 210mm
Power supply: 220/380V, 50-60Hz( can be customized accordingly)
Total power: 3.5Kw
Machine dimension: 950×850×1850mm
Machine weight: 500KG

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