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I keep some of my teas in their original sample bags, which are the ziplock plastic (in the shipping envelopes with similar types of tea). Can this affect the scent/ flavour of the individual teas? (The teas are kept in a cool, dark place.)

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wheezybee said

Yes, it can totally affect the scent and flavor of your teas… and I had a fish-flavored Earl Grey if you don’t believe me! ;)

Here, scent can be a huge help. If I can smell the tea when the ziplock is sealed, then I either double-bag it or put it in another container altogether.

What type of extra bag should I use?

wheezybee said

If you only have clear zip-lock on hand, I would just double-bag it as a quick fix. I ordered these off Amazon and they’re working well for me, but I need to find another low quantity vendor because it doesn’t look like I can reorder:


Also, I was given these links by another Steepsterite so they may help, too. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of them, though.

Small tins – http://www.specialtybottle.com/metalcontainers.aspx
Baggies – http://www.sorbentsystems.com/standupbags_order.html

I could many find tins at the craft shop. A lot of my teas are in half ounce and one ounce sample bags. So a metal tin seems kinda big. I’ll try the clear ziplock bags for now.

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Uniquity said

I find the bags from Davids keeps the tea scent in and the bad scent out but most others have been disappointing. My Verdant ones are pretty good too, but I have had a faulty seal that resulted in me losing some tea and affecting storage options. :(

As a rule, if I can see through it, it isn’t gonna work.

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TeaVivre said

The ziplock plastic will affect the scent and flavor of your tea. The very best way to store your dried teas is to keep them in an opaque container, making sure your container is food safe and does not have any impurities already in the container (wash and dry it very well before placing your dried tea leaves inside the container for storage). The best containers for storing tea are glazed ceramics, non-reactive metals which will not absorb smells or flavors.

BTW, There are five things which teas are vulnerable to: light, air, heat, odors and moisture. So you need to store your tea in a dark place, airtight, away from Strong Odors, away from moisture.

Even those heavy duty plastic bags that tea shops send my samples in? They’re mostly opaque bags( and stored in a dark, dry place).

Is it alright to store teas in those bags if they remain unopened?

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