Favorite place for matcha tea?

There’s quite a few places out there, so I was curious where each of you usually get your matcha from (assuming you drink matcha, not sure why you would be here otherwise) some matcha is just better than others and some is ridiculously expensive (200+ for 1oz)so what’s your all time favorite place to buy matcha?

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Lala said

I drink a lot of flavoured matcha in the mornings, so I get that from red leaf tea. In regards to pure green matcha, I honestly get it wherever I can find the best price for quality. Often wait for sales.

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Another vote for Red Leaf Tea – especially for flavored matchas.

For unflavored, KaiMatcha is very good (don’t let the infomerical website fool you).

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Matcha is usually quite good for focusing, are there any that accomplish it better than others? Strongly dislike ADHD medicines (terribly side effects and just feel wrong) yet some days I have a much harder time focusing, so matcha is usually a nice alternative.

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