Ciara select said

If your like this, you may like that - Tea Suggestion Thread

I thought it would be nice to post a thread where you can post a tea that you like, and someone might suggest something else that has similar qualities to that tea. This could be a good thread for those who are looking to expand their tea cupboards to other brands as well as those who are very knowledgeable on teas to help those looking to try more varieties.

I would like to go first. I tried Teavana’s Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green tea, and would like to try a different brand of dragon pearls, perhaps with a little more jasmine as well as more cost-effective. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Gene said

I’m a big fan of the Jasmine Dragon Pearls from Teavivre. They have two qualities, i’ve tried both, and each is a wonderful sweet tea free of astringency.

I can’t compare on price, but this is a great tea.

Also check out Mandala Tea’s Premium Dragon Pearl Jasmine also organic!

TeaVivre said

I’m glad that you love our tea. Thank,hope you a nice day.

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TeaVivre said

You can try the Jasmine Dragon Pearls from Teavivre,

If you like stronger sweet jasmine flavor, you can try the following link: Hope you will like this teas.

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