Limerick Contest!

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Ewa select said

I decided that I could not leave this contest without a tribute to my main man:

Each morning to start the day,
I reach for the Earl (of Grey!)
Tea with bergamot,
I like it a lot!
It’s not soapy at all (as some say).

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Remembered this one this morning. It’s not original, it’s more “traditional.” :-)

I sat with the Duchess at tea.
It was just as I thought it would be.
Her rumblings abdominal
were simply abominable,
and everyone thought it was me!

gmathis said

Now you’ve got me wondering where I’ve heard that one, too - definitely appropriate for Steepster punsters!

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wombatgirl said

Contest ends today everyone! There have been some really neat entries – thank you so much!

I’ll be accepting entries until 6pm central time, so approximately 10 hours from now. For those of you who work better under pressure – here’s your time to shine!


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wombatgirl said


Thank you everyone for the entries – some of these were pretty creative. I have to go with the oolong limerick. So gmathis! Congratulations!

Please PM me with your address, and I’ll send you your box of mystery teas!

gmathis said

Wow! Let me express heartfelt gratitude,
(This is trite, but allow me some latitude)
I’ll raise the first cuppa
In your honor—thumbs uppa!
For your creative, generous attitude!

(PM on the way.)

Congrats! Well-deserved!

Rabs said

Congratulations gmathis! I loved all your limericks (including your acceptance speech). :D

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Ewa select said

congratulations! man, you are a limerick FIEND and I salute you. :D

gmathis said

You’re very kind…I specialize in drivel of all types. Now if somebody proposed a sonnet contest….forget it!


Go for it! ;-)

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