Kiaharii said

Emailed DAVIDsTEA peeps about the film on top of the liquor..

Message: Hello! I love love love your tea and teaware but I did have a quick question. On some of the teas I have noticed a kind of film or residue on the top of the tea once it’s steeped. Is this from the flavorings/oils/whatnot or something similar? Thanks!

Their response:
Thank you for your email.

That’s a great question and you got me wondering as well, as it happens in straight teas as well as ones with fruits and chocolates. I asked our tea guru for answers and there are one of three possibilities:

1) the essential oils found naturally in tea leaves and some herbs and spices
2) the essential oil found in some natural flavorings
3) the oils found in chocolate

Pretty much what I thought but I didn’t know if anyone wanted to know as well.

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Lala said

I would agree with Davids response.

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darky said

If its a film, then the chance is big that its from not so pure tap water. I had this before i filtered my water true a brita jug water filter. Never had it sinds i start using that, even with flavored teas…

Kiaharii said

I do filter all my water before using it for tea though. Who knows!

Kittenna said

Yep, I get a film even with Brita-filtered water!

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Dr Jim said

I had a problem with film many years ago and tracked it down to using the same cup for tea and coffee without thoroughly cleaning between uses (this was my work mug). The coffee left traces of oil that sometimes came to the top when I drank tea or water.

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sansnipple said

It’s totally normal and expected for many types of teas, its just oils from the flavorings (or, less commonly, natural oils from the tea leaves or other ingredients, like orange peel) you’ll always get it in anything that uses oil-based flavorings, for instance i’ve never seen an earl grey without at least some visible oil floating on top.

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