Zizu said

Specifically Nonsweet Teas (Cumin and Lemon)

I know some people prefer their tea unsweetened, but has anyone else had a tea that is supposed to be unsweetened? For example, my roommate was in Syria this summer, and brought back some tea for our apartment. One of which was a “Cumin and Lemon” tea, that I wouldn’t dare sweeten. Its very good, but had me thinking, how many teas are out there that are meant to be savory (if you will)? Anyone know of any, I’d like to try some.

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Cofftea said

Hit up adagio.com they just came out w/ 2 savory black teas: sesame and sweet potatoe and an artichoke green tea. They also have a cucumber white tea. I’ve tried all of these and they’re great. theteafarm.com also has a vinegar black tea. ENJOY! Where can I find the cumin and lemon tea?

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