Tea in my travel mug never tastes the same-help!

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keychange said

Ok, so I’m back with an update.
I think I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it, although I’m still struggling with my tea tasting thin and watery. I typically add milk to my tea though, and am starting to wonder if I should add that last so that it doesn’t taste as though it’s disappeared, even though that makes little sense…right?
I had Butiki’s wild mountin black in this morning, and although I love it in a regular mug, I found it really thin and watery in the timolino. I may have under-leafed though, as measuring the long leaves with a teaspoon is kind of hard because they extend passed the teaspoon and then my measurements are all wrong and aaahhh!
I did get a perfectea maker by teavana (similar to the steeper by dt), and that seems to get the tea to a perfect temperature for draining into the timolino. So now I just have to thicken the tea up and make it more robust, and all should be better.

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