Simple Loose Leaf | Changing the tea subscription market.

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Simple Loose Leaf and we offer a tea subscription that customers get to customize themselves. We, two brothers and our sister, started Simple Loose Leaf because we all love tea and love expanding our horizons.

About a year ago we started looking at different tea subscription services and could not find any subscriptions that allowed you to fully customize the subscription. That is why Simple Loose Leaf was born. We currently offer 129 teas, a number which is always growing and expanding. (We started with just 30 teas.) We do not “sell” tea, we sell a personalized subscription that allows the customer to develop their own perfect tea time. We are not here trying to replace your current tea provider, we are here to supplement and expand on your collection of teas and experiences.

We cannot overstate how excited we are to become members of the Steepster community. We hope that the community of Steepster is excited to have us join as we are to join Steepster.

Sincerely from all of us at Simple Loose Leaf.
Check us out at or contact us at [email protected].

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Dexter said

Welcome to Steepster!! :))

I took a look at your website, and while I think what you are doing is an interesting concept, it doesn’t really suit my tea buying habits. I wish you all the best.
Just a little constructive criticism, I couldn’t find any information under your FAQ about shipping. As a buyer from outside the US, one of the first things I want to know when looking at a new site is if you will ship outside the US and how much that shipping will be. If you are shipping small packages monthly shipping costs can really add up.

Thank you for the welcome.

I am sorry to hear that we are not quiet what you are looking for. We mention shipping in out “Simple Loose Leaf Explained” page but we will add a page that talks about shipping specifically.

We don’t ship outside of the US at the moment but we do have plans to be able to ship to Canada from within Canada in 2014.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But thank you for the feedback.

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MelissaTea said

This looks really cool! Your prices seem pretty reasonable compared to some other subscriptions.
I love that you three siblings are working together.

The three of us are surprisingly good friends. It was not always the case but today we are great friends. And it is really great to be able to work with family.

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Welcome to Steepster! Do you blend your own teas?
I like this take on a new kind of tea subscription!

Currently we do not blend our own teas. We are focusing on delivering a high quality subscription service and leaning on a quality tea provider, for the time being.

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Are your teas exclusively Maya Teas or other companies as well?

At the moment we have only Maya tea. Our collection will grow as we grow. And as we get a feel for precisely what our customers are looking for. At the moment we are focusing on providing a high level of customer service and leaning on Maya to have premium teas.

Thanks for the question.

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We have now introduced several new products.
1. We now offer pre-built subscriptions that give people an idea as to what they can do with our subscriptions. And they make fantastic gifts.
2. We now also offer a more traditional Tea of the Month Club with a month on going subscription. The teas are shipped in their own metal tins every month. And the Clubs, as we call them, include free shipping in the US.

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And I completely forgot to mention that we now also offer 1 oz. quantities in all of our custom tea plans.

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