Mango White Tea?

Recently discovered white tea and its definitely growing on me (especially white peony). I would love a hint of mango in it. Any suggestions? Most of what I’ve found so far (browsing online – haven’t tried any yet) seems to contain unidentified varieties of the actual tea. My preference would be something I could add a touch of to a straight peony or silver needle.

I’m looking for sweet/mellow, not tart (no hibiscus!). My all-time favorite mango is from Republic of Tea, but it’s black (Ceylon) and mixing black and white tea doesn’t seem like a good idea (though I haven’t tried it). A lot of other mango flavored teas I’ve tried taste too peachy.

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Tealizzy said

I haven’t seen a mango white yet, but have you tried white guava from the persimmon tree? I’ve gotten into white teas lately too, and definitely like white peony.

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DavidsTea Mango madness? I haven’t had this one in a long time, so check the reviews for it out on steepster.

ESP Emporium has a mango pear
however, I find ESP’s tea bases are not that great.

Edit: For other tea bases, I’d try Lupicia’s mango teas, they have oolong and black bases. They do pretty good, straight up fruit teas without other bits in it.

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The Mango Madness sounds yummy. The reviews say it’s VERY fruity, so it may be perfect for my needs – add just a touch to a good white peony!

Also, I was just browsing various online tea retailers and found this:

There’s only one Steepster review, which isn’t great, but I may have to give it a try.

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I bet the Davids Tea Mango Lassi (which is an herbal) would be lovely blended with a white peony!

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