emmahnv said

My first time but tea online

I like drinking Green Tea. This is the first time I buy green tea online and it is better than what I bought at the supermarket when I received my package. I feel energized and refreshed after drinking this green tea and it leaves a nice taste in my mouth after. I like this feeling and I will order this tea again.

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krisTEAna said

Welcome to the wide world of tea! I’m happy to hear you were happy with your purchase. If you’re looking for more places from which you’ll buy green tea in the future, you should definitely check out Adagio Teas, Teavana and Harney & Sons. All three vendors have a great selection of green teas- unflavored to flavored, citrusy to chocolatey. And, with sample pouches for only $2, you can explore many of their teas without committing to larger quantities. Happy cupping!

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Lynxiebrat said

Teavana doesn’t have $2 samples…which is a pity. Della Terra Teas samples are about $3-4 and generous samples at that. If your more into classical green teas, check out Teavivre, Upton, and Den’s Tea. All of them have reasonably priced sample teas.

For more funky teas, David’s Tea has a interesting collection of Green teas, though they offer limited samples. They do however send 3 samples with every order, though it would probably be mixed with other types of tea.

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