Something fishy with the top teas today

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Doulton said

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I just rated those suspicious teas a “zero”. I have not tried them; I have never seen them; I just wanted to see what happened. And it changed their ratings. And it got them off of my front page. This was too easy to do; IF the teas have merit I have done something deeply unfair. I was just exploring. I think that possibly ratings without notes should be set aside? And most certainly ratings without a Steepster member name attached should not be counted.

Kristin said

Thanks! :) I agree.

I occasionally make a tasting note without a comment, but only if it is a tea I’ve already rated and I’m making a ’I’m drinking this’ note. But i don’t think that adds much to the experience and I’d even be willing to get rid of it.

Totally agree, it’s much to easy to manipulate the ratings with anonymous, noteless ratings.

Cofftea said

Doulton, if you delete the entry from your tea log list does the rating return to normal? Now that you have experimented, doing that might be best. Both your and this other person’s ratings are unfair, just on different sides of the spectrum.

Doulton said

The point I am trying to make: it is NOT on my tea log. Click on a tea and it will give you an option of running up or down the scale—totally anonymously and totally without logging it. Click on one of the teas which was linked on this topic and you will see how it can be done. I don’t see how it can be deleted except if I were to give the same teas a rating of “100” to cancel out the previous rating.

This is not an issue of ME being unfair; it’s an issue of others anonymously “working the system” I believe.

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