Successful tea chains in the United States?

I’ve been thinking about opening my own tea shop. First, I want to check out other successful tea chains in the US to get some new ideas/inspiration. The only one I know of so far is Argo Teas. Any others?

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david’s tea and adagio

I guess I was looking for more specialty tea cafes, kind of like a starbucks style but for tea if that makes sense. Thanks though! Those seem more like retail locations. I should of been more specific.

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Confetti said

I don’t know about ‘chains’ but Phoenix Tea and Verdant both have successful teashops; there are many, many others of course. Verdant has 2 locations (or that’s in the works) I think – does that make it a ‘chain’? And of course Starbucks now owns Teavana, ugh.

Thank you! Phoenix tea looks very nice. Not too happy about starbucks owning teavana either, just used that type of shop as an example.

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LuckyMe said

Starbucks and Argo Tea are the only ones that are mainstream. David’s Tea is kinda niche and doesn’t have much of a presence in the US.

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