Colorado flood and tea

My friend is in the flood area in Colorado right now. Her friend’s house was destroyed and had to take refuge in her home. However, her luck may be getting thin as all around her is in water and the creek is rising. She and family may well have to evacuate…. most likely.

I told her to pack many flash lights, candles and matches, pocket knife, charged phone and lap top, and TEA. I suggested that she take her fav tea put it into zip lock bag, roll out the air to vacuum pack it and zip it up. Then with it being as flat as possible to put that in her parka pocket.

Where ever she and her family land, a warm cup of tea will surely be a very welcomed break. (hoping there will be a way to heat water)

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I have family over at Estes Park that got flooded. Hopefully the expected rainfall isn’t too bad.

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