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Lynxiebrat said

If you like Puerh, you could try Spice and Tea Exchange, (You can google it.) The brick and mortor stores are only in the states, but they do got a great website to order from.
The one tea I’ve tried there is Mint Chilla Chai Nilla and it’s a Puerh based tea. Doesn’t have any chocolate in it, and it’s quite tasty. It does have caffeine in it though. I usually drink it in the afternoons if I get off work early, or evenings if I don’t care if it keeps me awake.

Favorite flower teas: So far that would have to be Shanghai Orchid from Teavana. I mix it often with my Peach Tranquility and I think they taste great together. Sadly Teavana discontinued the Shanghai, but I still got a huge tin of it from the Heavenly sale….so not going to run out anytime soon.
Violet Rose Black-I do not know where this is from originally, I get it from a local store that is secretive about where she gets a fair amount of her stock.
Victorian Earl Grey-Same as above. The one I had last had lavender and rose in it. Quite yummy.

I am always on the lookout for fruit and/or herb white and green teas. I have not had many green teas that I like, mostly ones that I have a mild like for, but nothing inspiring.
I also love teas that are “flavor blasting” An unfortunate side effect of having been a fan of Teavana’s for the past year…I still like them but my budget doesn’t. David’s Tea is a little better and have ordered from them and will continue. I would love suggestions of fruity/herby white and green teas (and oolongs as well.) from any other company. And I adore companies that sells samples! (Oh and have also been working thru Della Terra’s Teas and planning a buy from there Black Friday.)

Lynxiebrat, we have a variety of fruity green and white teas. My favorite fruity green tea is Goji-Blueberry Pomegranate:

Our Pear Green-White is a blend of green and white teas and has a tropical (mango/pineapple/pear) taste:

We also have Peach Dream Sencha Oolong, a blend of green and oolong teas with an amazing scent and taste:

We sell sample sizes for all of our teas—0.5 oz, around 5-6 cups of tea. We know that customers want to try teas in smaller sizes before buying larger quantities, and our samples sizes allow you to try steeping at different times/temperatures/hot or iced etc. Hope that helps!

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Hello fellow tea drinkers! I currently drink Bigelow Earl Grey tea and am looking to try to a different brand of Earl Grey. I’d love some recommendations.

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Lynxiebrat said

You could try Harney and Sons Earl Grey Supreme. If you like an strong flavor of Bergamot I think that would be the way to go. Also check variations from different companies, like LadyGrey, Victorian Earl Grey, etc. If you type in Earl Grey in the tea finder on top of the page, you’ll come up with tons of hits. Though…maybe you would find that overwhelming, when I 1st joined this site and started looking up teas, I was kind of overwhelmed.

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Thanks! Will do. I love this site. :-)

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