Meghann M said


Not sure their is a thread like this, but I’m curious to know if others out their are on temporary lockdown with me. I am trying to make room in cupboard/wait for ttb to begin here and waiting for a teachat ttb to get to me before placing another order. If you’re on lockdown too, here’s what I am curious about:

What is your reason for locking down (if you want to share)


What is making you want to break your lockdown…what is making you crave more….what is making you drool?

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Meghann M said

I’ve been drooling over the Breveille 1 touch (and now tickets to NYC for the steepster meetup). Also drooling over kusmi teas, but they are out of the Spicy Chocolate tea I want more of :( Several posts lately have made me nearly hit the “checkout” button. I’m hoping to make it through May without a purchase as I have several teas to sample and several to enjoy, but their are so many exciting blends out there!

there is possible talk of a traveling teakettle for those on the fence (breville jason not steepster jason) maybe you can play with it first and then buy it later?

Cofftea said

OH FLIP that would be awesome! Especially if the modifications a few of us are asking for are made by then.

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I’m on quasi-lock down. I really do not need any more tea. I have more than enough to keep me hydrated, caffeinated, and happy for months now, and enough to give me fun things to write notes about for the foreseeable future. I keep thinking about something I read in one of my tea books or one of the sites I’ve been to that urges you not to have more tea on hand than you can reasonably drink since it will start to lose flavor over time, and how flagrantly I have violated that rule of thumb.

What’s making me want to break my lockdown:

1. Out of stock notices that suddenly change to in stock. I placed a Samovar order today because chai came back in stock in the large tins. I had a shopping cart that had a bunch of stuff in it that I hadn’t pulled the trigger on, but I was so afraid there’d be a run on chai that I placed the order today.

2. Intriguing steepster selects

3. Mentions of new companies that sound really cool

4. Let’s face it, shopping is fun!

Probably some other things as well, if I remember what they are I’ll add them. Lol.

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Doulton said

Like Morgana, I am on quasi-lock-down. I have too much tea that I love; I have a lot of samples that I have yet to try; I have too long a list of “teas that must be in stock”.

What will make me buy more tea is if any of the “teas that must be in stock” are not at my house. I will buy them and then I will buy other things to get free shipping. For example, if I run out of my Black Dragon then I’ll order from Upton; when I run out of Bogart I will order from Leland Teas. And there are a few more.

And I will succumb if I read about teas that just seem irresistable. I’ll look at Steepster Selects.

I’m in a situation where I must do all of my tea shopping via the internet.

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I am limiting my tea buying because we just spent what was essentially the money we saved for vacation on our rotten (literally and figuratively) tree problem. I know, especially in this economy, that this is a total first world problem. Believe me – I’m grateful that we had it. But we decided to curb our spending to replenish the money, and part of this for me is waaaaaay less tea ordering. I know my personality well enough to “never say never” so instead of lockdown we’ll call it a house arrest of sorts ;)

I have plenty of tea, so this really shouldn’t be horrible for me. I’m well stocked with my faves, and still have at least a dozen teas in my cupboard that I haven’t even had a chance to try!! My work tea drawer and home cabinet are CRAMMED with tea, so much so that they are both hard to navigate. This is a very good time limit my tea buying :)

I would order tea in a MOMENT if we did another tea order to France :) I want to do a nice order on July 15th (my birthday) to somewhere pricey like Samovar or Silk Road Teas. I wanted to do an order to celebrate the end of the semester but I’m going to refrain. I think instead I’ll stop in my local tea shop (I’ll finally get lunch breaks again since I won’t have to run to class!!) and get a few ounces of this and that to celebrate. I’ll spend $30 tops but feel very spoiled :)

When I say it like this it seems downright easy! I’ll have to read this over in moments of weakness :)

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Once I decided to only use unfinished bottles of lotions and sample-size skincare packs which were gifts of purchase from my previous shopping. Surprisingly they serve as ample supplies of creams, eye creams, night creams, facial masks… for almost a year. Sometimes once you stop shopping, you may be amazed by how many stuffs you’ve already got! :-D

It’s funny you mentioned this because I started thinking about this just the other day and how I have a similar situation with tea samples right now. :-) I haven’t bought face cream (or lipstick for that matter) in years and have been living off samples.

Yes – I totally agree with this. It’s a very good reminder for all aspects of our lives!! Thank you :)

I cannot talk about the amount of bath/shower products, lotions, and makeup I have. It is too much. The hubbie used to like to buy me gift sets for bath products, which I do run through but like a variety of, that contained lotions and whatnot, which I do not use as much as I should, back when he was the boyfriend. So there has been a lockdown on these things. I also tend to buy my makeup staples (powder, mascara, etc.) when there are bonus times so I can try different color lipsticks for free.

Meghann M said

Two years ago I hoarded bath and body products from an online shop that is no more. I’m finally getting to the end of my stash today. Some products are a bit discolored, but I’m quite surprised at how the lotions and such held up. I should really not let myself get as carried away with tea as I did with body products. I’d like to not be drinking the same teas in 2 years O_o

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Caitlin said

Yeah – no more tea buying for me until I have drunk more of what I have. Especially since I haven’t found a summer job yet! I always want to order the interesting teas I see other people drinking and most of the steepster selects too.

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SoccerMom said

I am on a self imposed lockdown. I am the only tea drinker in the house and therefore I have more than enough tea on hand. This lockdown started today when my orders from Rishi and Silk Road Teas came in along with some teaware. It was kinda embarrassing because when I walked in my hubby handed me 3 pretty big boxes nicely packaged very reminiscent of Christmas. I felt guilty but happy too luckily I had bought my son a new pair of converse so when he looked at me like “What’s all this Mom” I didn’t feel quite so selfish.

So I am not going to stop buying teaware because I really prefer to order tea and don’t have too much teaware because normally I talk myself out of purchasing the teaware (can anyone have too much teaware)?

I am going to buy the new Breville one touch when it comes out (it will be a late Mom’s day present) and I am totally drooling over too many teas to mention thanks to all yall’s wonderful tasting notes! :)

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Erin said

I was on a wallet-and-cupboard-imposed lockdown for the first 20 days of April, until I finally found a job. That allowed me to get my cupboard nice and (mostly) empty. Then I got a job and was able to buy more tea, plus I received some swap packages, so I’m all taken care of for the time being.

But I realllllly want the tiny glass oolong teapot from Samovar, and some smallish teacups to go with it.

EDIT: I caved. I bought it.

Cofftea said

I caved. I bought. My wallet lost. (I wonder what the Latin translation for that is? lol!) Or simply: I came. I saw. My wallet lost.

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I am basically the sole tea drinker in my home. Thus, I am majorly on lockdown until I have much less tea in the apartment. I’d be inclined to cave for something I could not always get later on or a really good sale, as well as teas on sale that I can buy in person and grocery store bagged tisanes which I run through late at night before bed.

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I’m in the place Doulton described so well: One of my “teas that must be in stock” is getting low, and so another Upton order is nigh, despite the fact that I have enough other teas to keep me caffeinated for months. I’m also thinking of giving my brother some good tea as part of his birthday gift later this month.

Other than that, I’m trying to exercise some restraint and use what I have. The problem is that sometimes looking at my tea selection brings a feeling similar to looking at my wardrobe: Sure, I have plenty of clothes, but none that I want to wear at the moment. :)

I do plan to order a pocket scale soon, which I am thinking of as an ally in economy, since it will prevent me from wasting precious leaves and using up my favorites too quickly!

I know exactly what you mean! Part of my issue also stems from teas that I have drunk a lot but haven’t reviewed here. I love the tea but some mornings I don’t want to feel obligated to write a review.

I did pick up one of my staple teas on the way home from work yesterday since I was out. I wanted to get the formosa oolong there too but they didn’t have any small tins of it in stock and I was not going to buy the large tin. 10oz of tea leaves is far too much of any one variety for me considering how often my tastes vary!

There are a couple of limited teas that I’m going to get now that I have a paycheck but I’m trying to be good. We’ll see how well that goes XD

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