New Tea campaign for Justea

We have started another campaign to raise money for Justea, a new social tea enterprise teaching Kenyan farmers how to roast premium tea tea. Our last campaign raised us enough to start off, but we still need more to be able to establish tea kitchens in Kenya and have the tea processing teacher be able to meet with our Kenyan farmers multiple times.

Thanks to all the lovely people who supported us last time!! There is a bunch of you on here =)

For those who haven’t heard of us, here’s a bunch of info or simply look at our website.

Our journey began with relationships. We travelled to Kenya and learned about how the tea farmer struggles in the current Kenyan tea industry. Through listening to our contacts in Kenya our relationship grew. We discussed alternatives
with our friends: tea farmers, community members, and local NGOs. Together we have decided to form a partnership.

By the end of 2013 we want to bring back with us farmer made, hand-processed tea, for you. JusTea will travel to Kenya in November to build the first small tea processing kitchen with our local partners. We have sourced a hand-processing tea expert who will train our partners how to process their own tea. Teaching the hand-processing method is valuable. Hand-processing produces high quality artisan teas and does not depend on extensive factory machinery. Small-scale tea farms are located in remote areas where electricity is unreliable, so processing methods that depend heavily on electricity are unsustainable. We are excited to return from our trip with our first flush of Kenyan black tea, crafted directly from the farmer who plucked the tea leaves.

Our mission in 2014 is to grow tea sales in North America to establish more Kenyan farmer tea co-ops for processing in small tea kitchens. We believe that the only way our project can be scalable and sustainable is to partner directly with local people because they know Kenyan issues best. Therefore, our entire team on the ground is led by our Kenyan partners.

Currently over half a million Kenyan tea farmers are working ounder the current restrictive model. Our vision is to change the way farmers and their families are treated today. We want to engage local farmers, local leaders, and local NGO’s, to open up new avenues for economic growth. We want to partner with these communities and invest in their tea production by directly purchasing their tea.

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Dexter said

How did I miss this the first time around?!?
I think it is inspiring that you are taking on this cause. Kenya is one of those places that has always intrigued me. Wish you all the best in your endeavor – I made a donation to the campaign.

Bumping it up for others that may have missed it.

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JusTea said

I guess it being june, you might have been enamoured with the no more winter. In Vancouver june is a good tea month as it is often endless rain

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Dexter said

JusTea has extended their campaign for a short while. I’m bumping this up for anyone who hasn’t seen it and might want to donate to claim one of the great perks. I think this is amazing what they are doing, and hope others do to. If you are interested please take a look at their site.

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