Just got the Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp and noticed some spots? Is this rust?

Its brand new and I am just a little concerned, here are some photos I took of the bottom and steeper.



I used it once, was like this when I got it, the handle creeks a bit to but I am guessing thats normal. I know rust isn’t super dangerous but I don’t want it to spread if it is…Any help would be much appreciated.

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KristiK said

I just got the same kettle a few days ago. I can’t tell if that’s rust in the picture but I have been wiping mine dry after use. The issue I’m having is condensation in the water measurement window. Other than that, I really love this kettle.

Ahh thing is it was like this when I got it, maybe it was a return, come to think of it the lid has scuff marks…might exchange it for another at Bed Bath and Beyond but its a pretty long trip, for sure gonna check it in store before bringing it home this time…

Water measurement window? you mean condensation in the glass part? I thought that was normal? Unavoidable I mean with any kettle.

Oh, how do you feel about the steeper btw? I have a really hard time cleaning it and I wish the lid on it disconnected so I can get the used tea out easier :-/.

It is very nice though…besides my few issues, I don’t think leaving water in it should harm it if this is indeed a quality kettle, I have had stove ones that I always left water in for years over night and are 100% perfect still save for some water spots that do nothing really.

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KristiK said

I think I would return. I read a couple of reviews before I bought mine that complained about rust but the vast majority were positve. I’m also used to leaving water in a kettle so it will be disappointing if rust ends up being an issue. It would be nice if the lid was removable but I really do love this kettle.

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