Calling All U.S. Tea Bloggers | Simple Loose Leaf wants to talk with you.

Dear Bloggers,

We, at Simple Loose Leaf, would like to increase our exposure within the tea community. And we want to do that through organic connections and by meeting people. We believe that we have a wonderful product and that many tea lovers would fall in love with us and our product if they knew about us.

To that end we would like to offer a hand full of tea bloggers $50 coupons to try out our site, our subscription, and our teas. Ultimately we would love to have a recommendation and perhaps an article featuring our store. BUT first and foremost we would want your feedback and honest thoughts without any strings attached and for you to give us the chance to prove ourselves to you.

If any tea bloggers out there are interested just send us an email at [email protected].

Andrew F.

EDIT: I originally had the title to include all bloggers and that was not accurate to our needs. We can only, economically, ship to U.S. customers. I am very sorry for the misleading title.

UPDATE: I wanted to say that the response we received from this post has been outstanding. In 48 hours we had given away all of the coupons we had to give away. We are planning on doing another giveaway next month so if you are interested and we were unable to extend an offer to you, please send us an email anyways and we will add your name to our list.

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Thank you for this generous offer. I’ve sent you a message and look forward to hearing from you.

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Sent you an e-mail just now~

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It’s such a shame you don’t ship to Canada!

Sil select said

Second that haha also steepster is my blog lol

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darky said

Steepster is my teablog to. If you would like to send out some samples to belgium then i would make some reviews for those tea’s!

That is if you would like to send some samples to to old continent that is :)

Yeah, good old Belgium is a bit outside our range. Sorry.

Sil select said

any comment on canada? :)

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I have been looking all morning trying to find a way to ship from the U.S. to Canada and I cannot find a good solution. I wish I could ship to Canada but unless someone can point me in the direction of an economical way to ship items, the cheapest I found was USPS at $7.70, I am out of ideas.

We have plans to establish relationships with fulfillment companies that operate in Canada and that would allow us to ship inside Canada with relative ease. But that is still in the works and not ready.

My deepest apologies.

Uniquity said

Hah, shipping inside Canada frequently starts at that range as well. Maybe there is a conspiracy to stop us Canadians from ordering things online!

7.70 is a good price. To be honest when I ship from Canada to the US it is at least 16 with a tracking number.

Canadians just get poor shipping rates in general, and it continues onwards for even small things like tea :(

Yeah the $7.70 was USPS stripped down, online price discount, and ZERO frills. I suspect there may be some conspiracy in this.

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Anna said

So shouldn’t that read, ‘Calling All US Tea Bloggers’? Seeing as you exclude everyone who’s in Canada, Europe, and, well, MOST OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, which is a fairly large place, ‘all tea bloggers’ seems very misleading. This is a US-based community, but many of the most active members are located outside of the US, and even outside of North America as a whole. Just saying.

That is fair. You are correct. I apologize for the inadvertently misleading title.

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I don’t have a blog, but I’d be happy to review here.

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Aww, I guess I sent my email too late yesterday. Congrats on all the response though!

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I’ll throw my name in the hat. Steepster is where I blog. But I also post reviews on facebook status.

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