Butiki Teas Super Awesome 2nd Annual Custom Blend Contest & Tea Art Contest!!! 2 Contests!!!

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2 Weeks left to submit blend ideas!

If you are looking for ideas, the following areas could use some more blend ideas: florals, herbals (not including rooibos/honeybush), and savory teas.

Also, 3ish weeks left for the art contest (no talent necessary)! We are open to a variety of mediums.

My sketch is finished for my art project…now I just need to make it happen! ;)

Awesome, I can’t wait to see what you came up with! :)

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Plunkybug said
Message deleted by author.
Anna said

I love seeing where everyone’s ideas are coming from. For me, it was all food memories, so I envy your glasses. I wish I also had eyewear that looked good enough to eat!

moraiwe said

Mine were primarily food memories, too. But I did do an Italian dessert inspired tea, as well!

Heather-Definitely some off beat ideas, but fun ideas! :)

I guess you never know what will inspire you. I tend to get a lot of ideas from cooking. Occasionally, I will get an idea from music or a painting.

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keychange said

Yay. This is so much fun!

Yay, I’m so glad you are finding this fun! :)

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1 week left!!!!! Send us your ideas for custom blends!!! We still are light on the floral and savory teas.

Also, we have about 2 weeks left on the art contest. We don’t require any skill and are judging based on creativity & inspiration. We accept many different mediums including: music, film, dance, mixed media, painting, knitting, collage, photography, poetry, and storytelling. We are light on entries for this contest, so there is a good chance of winning if you submit a piece.

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Can you enter more than three blends?

Unfortunately not but if anyone would like to change a blend that they have submitted, we would be open to that.

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3 Days left!!!!! Just 3 more days to enter your custom blend ideas!!!

These ideas don’t need to be overly complicated and you certainly don’t need to be a tea expert. A few people have asked about how in depth these ideas need to be. They don’t need to be fully figured out yet. I think these two questions might help:

What is a tea that you always wanted to see made available? What should it taste like?

Omg. I just had a moment of panic thinking I had missed the deadline. XD

Glad you didn’t miss the deadline Shadowfall! :)

We are accepting ideas all Friday until midnight eastern standard time.

Sil select said

sigh i hate work… i really wanted to enter the art contest.

Sil-There is still plenty of time to enter the art contest! That still has until the 21st! :)

Yes, enter the art contest! Tea art! Hurray!

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Do we get to find out which ten blends we’re voting for tomorrow?

Yeah, I can’t wait see them!

Lariel-The submission deadline isn’t until Friday at midnight. Saturday I will email all of the judges and wait to hear back from them with their ratings. They will rank their top favorite 15 teas in order and we will tally up the points. That should take a few days. Then we will contact the 10 entrants who made it to the final round. We will ask them if they would like to choose a name for their tea and write a description to try and sell people on their tea. Once those have come back, then we will post the 10 choices. We will probably give either 1 or 2 weeks to vote.

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Lala said

Do you have lots of entries so far?

Anna said

(My guess is that there are two and a half gazillion entries, and that they are all completely amazing.)

Yep, we received quite a few entries so far and have even surpassed last years entries!

For the art contest we have hardly any entries. By entering there is a good shot of winning, just because there hasn’t been much submitted yet.

Kaylee said

Aww. There’s still over a week left – maybe there will be a burst of entries close to the deadline! I know that’s when mine will be ready :)

Kaylee-I’m hoping so. Would love to see/hear more tea art! People also might be focused on the custom blend contest at the moment.

Kaylee said

Yeah, I’m glad that you staggered the deadlines. If you hadn’t, my art submission would have been a photo of my cat pawing at a teapot. In black and white, though, to make it more artsy.

Kaylee-Awwww, that sounds adorable. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. :)

Kaylee said

There is nothing adorable about that creature. He has broken a coffeepot, a teapot (that was a gift!), and more glasses than I can count, just for kicks. Basically he’s lucky that I take the obligations of pet adoption seriously and haven’t kicked him out on his fat behind. Also that he’s very cuddly when he isn’t destroying my stuff.

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Tomorrow night the blend contest ends! Last 2 days to submit your ideas!

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LAST DAY!!! Send us your blend ideas by midnight tonight EST!

I sent mine!!!! I cannot wait!!!! yay!

Fantastic ideas! Good luck!

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