Butiki Teas Super Awesome 2nd Annual Custom Blend Contest & Tea Art Contest!!! 2 Contests!!!

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I still have more than three ideas.

Have you considered sharing it so that someone else may enter it?

Alright. Here are my latest tea ideas.

Rose Truffle- black tea, chocolate piece, rose/ cream flavour, rose petals. Lavender Truffle- Same base, lavender/ cream flavour, chocolate, lavender flowers.

Oh my, that sounds awesome! I hope someone sends one of those in! They are fantastic ideas! Mmmm, rose infused truffles. what a pretty tea that would be with rose petals and chocolate chips.

Thanks! I made actual truffles last night, and we used rose oil as a flavour.

Sounds fantastic! :)

Dinosara said

Rose and chocolate are one of my favorite combos… to bad I already had three entries!

Somebody needs to enter it, and send me some if it wins.

if no one else has already i will, I only have two ideas right now

Short Sorceress-No one has entered it yet.

Awesome, I’m going to send in my ideas in a few minutes after some fine tuning and I’ll add the rose truffle. I’m a huge rose tea fan :)


Lariel I’ll absolutely split it with you if it wins. That was a great idea, thanks for letting me use it.

sounds delicious!

Somebody can use the lavender one if they like.

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3 1/2 more hours! :)

AHHHHHH the suspense! I can’t wait to see what DELICIOUS options we get to vote for.

Yes, I want to see everyone else’s ideas. And I need to stop thinking them up.

Submitted my what-the-hell last minute ideas!

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Plunkybug said

Yay! All of my blends are in (including one given/shared), except one, but it is a particular taste. It’s up for grabs in case anyone wants it…amaretto and pineapple honeybush. Amaretto and pineapple juice was my first favourite alcoholic drink. I also encouraged another friend to come up with some ideas to submit last minute.

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We received quite a flurry of last minute entries so we might not be able to respond until tomorrow.

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Hey guys, I wanted to thank everyone for participating this year! We received a crazy amount of entries this year with some real interesting ideas! There were just so many good ideas. This will be really hard on the judges.

Good luck everyone! :)

Hooray! Can’t wait to see the flavors you’ve chosen!

adagio breeze-There are so many good options. This is going to be really hard. I’m going through my list right now and I already have like 40 entries marked off as possibles for my vote. Oddly enough, this year we had about 15 repeat entries. Last year I don’t think we received even one repeat entry. They were for interesting teas too, like baklava, Speculoos (I didn’t even know what that was before this contest), banana split, mulled wine, etc.

Kaylee said

Oh! Baklava is a brilliant idea! Love!

I probably want to try most of the ideas.

how exciting! I can’t wait!

Can’t wait to see! Will be breaking no tea ordering for some more butiki teas. I want licorice chai now!

Lala said

Can’t wait to hear the list of teas that make the cut!

moraiwe said

I’m really excited to hear the list!

I had to google speculoos, heh. Interesting! Also WOOHOO go team Baklava tea ;)

There were some really interesting teas and several fruits which I hadn’t heard of before. So far we have 3 judges scoring in. Each judge gets to rank their top 15 teas. Of those ranked, there was very little overlap. There are a total of 39 different teas chosen from those 3 judges, with only a potential max of 45 different teas chosen (15 options each X 3 judges). We are still waiting on 4 judges to send in their scoring sheets.

ifjuly said

speculoos tea sounds awesome, so does baklava. so impressed!

Dinosara said

Haha yes my speculoos idea got scooped by someone! I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute to submit ideas.

Lala said

Stacy: Does that mean that us steepsterites could potentially have 105 tea choices to vote on (7 judges x 15 teas) – although will be less due to expected overlap??

Dinosara-I almost think I should have allowed it since there are a few teas for multiple fruits and it wasn’t just plain Speculoos.

Lala-Sorry to be confusing. There will be only 10 teas to vote on. I just wanted to show how varied our opinions were. We have a point based system. Every judge ranks their favorite 15 teas. Their favorite tea gets 15, least favorite gets 1. Then all of the points will be tallied up for each tea and the top 10 teas with the most points will be put up for vote.

We are now back up to 8 judges. One judge was dropped since she is traveling in Ireland but we found a replacement judge.

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Katiek said

Next year you need to do a cool tote board to announce the teas – sort of like the voting on Eurovision! ;)

Hahaha, that would be a very large tote board. :)

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I just wanted to mention that we finally received all of the judges scoring in. There were 2 lingering judges that caused a little hold up. All scores have been tallied and the top 10 winners have been notified. We have asked the winners to keep their blends confidential until our reveal on our website on Thursday. Just a little info. The #1 blend had received 41 points, while #10 received 26 points. Number 11 received 25 points. The second place tea had received votes from 7 out of 8 judges. Each judge was able to make 15 votes (and assigned a value 1-15 points), a total of 68 teas had received at least 1 vote. My top 3 selections did not make it, though 4 of the blends I voted for did! Next year I’m totally doing a owner save (where I get to save 1 blend). All 10 blends are very good choices, so maybe next year we make it top 20 blends.

A big thank you to everyone that participated! :)

Anna said

I’m SO excited to see all these insanely awesome blends!

Kaylee said

Out of curiosity, how many total entries were there?

I can’t wait until the reveal! I’m also, very excited to see which tea we will get to make.

I’m excited to see what else made it to the final ten.

Kaylee-I’m not quite sure. I put all the entries in a word document, so I will have to count them up and get back to you.

ifjuly said

I am totally jazzed to see the results!

ifjuly-soon, very soon!

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I know there are a few people on here that have not updated their descriptions for their winning tea. We will be posting the 10 teas on our website at midnight EST. If you would like to update your description please send in the info immediately as we cannot change it once it hits the website or it will cause issues with the poll.

Excellent, all are in.

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Plunkybug said

I’m happy mine made it in!

Congrats! :)

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Congrats to Stephanie, who is the official winner of our Art Contest!!!! Here is her winning submission: https://www.facebook.com/butikiteas, a Tea Mandala! For anyone interested, she is selling a printed canvas of this piece here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/167380897/tea-mandala-12×12-canvas-wrap-ready-to. Everyone who entered will be receiving $5.00 off of their next order. We will be sending out emails tomorrow with info on how to use this offer. Also, we will be sharing some of the other submissions later.

While we didn’t receive many submissions for this contest, we did receive amazing submissions! We will be posting some of the submissions on our Facebook page probably tomorrow.

Squee! Thank you Stacy!!!! :D :D :D

Everyone loved your Tea Mandala! :) Congrats!

ifjuly said

Congrats Stephanie! :D

Congrats! Your mandala is super neat (and so very pretty).

Hey Stacy, I was hoping to put in an order either today or tomorrow (now that I have manager pay I finally have enough to put in the large order I’ve been holding off on) – and word on approx. when that coupon code is going to be distributed to those who participated? Thanks a bunch!

Sil select said

roswell…don’t forget about black friday coming up heh

Roswell Strange-We already have the names on a list. So, you can use it at any time. We just haven’t gotten around to sending the actual emails out yet. To use, you can either let us know you would like a $5.00 refund for participating in the art contest via the “instructions to seller section” or a separate email or you can let us know which tea (if it happens to come out to $5.00) you would like via the email or seller section.

Yeah, considered that. But I’m incredibly impatient :p I did break up my order from how large I had planned it to be, so I can always order the other chunk as part of the black Friday sales. Also, thanks Stacy!

Kaylee said

Speaking of Black Friday sales… Stacy, do you know yet when you’ll have the sale info up?

Roswell Strange-No problem! :)

Kaylee-End of this week or beginning of next.

Kaylee said


Kaylee-You’re welcome! Sorry its taking so long but unfortunately this week has been super busy. I can give away a few things. We will be doing the buy $40, get $20 free. We will be doing a drawing for a porcelain tea jar (or any tea jar we have). Anyone that orders has a shot at being randomly selected to win it (we use a random number generator). Each of the 4 days will have a special offer with a certain amount purchase. Our luxury day will offer up a leafhopper tea with an “I Love Leafhoppers” magnet. Still working on the other 3 day bonuses.

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