Tao Tea Leaf- New Website with 20% Teas till September 30th!

Hey everyone,
http://www.taotealeaf.com has a sale on their delicious teas! I highly suggest you check it out. The best part is the free shipping in Canada and the USA when your purchase is over 35$.

I am the Tea Consultant and Tea Sommelier for the shop and would love to hear your feedback on our website. In the future I am hoping to have something for you all, I just have to work that out with Tao. With you all in mind I will post any sales or other goodies that we have going on. I wish you all my best.

Keep on steepin’ <3

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Awesome, thanks!! Looks great. I’ll keep my eye out for more posts ;)

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Dexter said

Love everything I’ve tried from Tao Tea Leaf. Might need to stock up on Gin Ping Gongfu…

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MelissaTea said

The site really looks awesome.

I was in Toronto a few weeks ago and visited the store. Tao and everyone are so friendly and knowledgeable. I hope I can make it back to T.O. for the Teafest.

The Toronto Tea Festival will be two days next year! February 1st and 2nd!
I vote we have a steepster meet up there!

Sil select said

as long as people buy their tickets in advance haha

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sansnipple said

Site design looks really slick, only major thing notably missing is harvest dates for the teas (even just an approximate year + season, eg: “Spring 2013 harvest” would do, though more detail is obviously better). For many types of tea, knowing how fresh it is before buying is absolutely critical, and it being missing can be a pretty major red flag. I’d never buy a green tea or green oolong for instance without that info, given how short their optimal shelve life is, and even for other types it’s still important to know.

Also really informative (though not as critical) would be additional photos of the spent leaves and of the tea liquor, you can often tell a lot more about a tea from those than from just the dry leaves photos.

Sil select said

Additionally, having pages that have nothing on them is frustrating as well. If it’s. Menu option, something should be there with possibly the exception the sale menu, since there doesn’t always have to be a sale.

Also, typically rotating banners should take you somewhere if you click on ether, rather than just refreshing the page and showing you the next banner. Especially in he the case of things like the “review tea for blogger” banner. It advertises this and then the information is not readily accessible anywhere.

On a larger scale, the design and new site is way better than the older site, so congrats on improving it significantly :) luckily I can drop by the store anytime to visit if I want to.

sansnipple said

also, all the listed prices on the category pages and front pages and everything ending up only being the price for a 5g sample size when you actually click through is pretty annoying and feels a bit deceptive (it makes the teas look way cheaper than they actually are), those should list the actual price for the smallest normal order (non-sample) size, the 25g option.

Sil select said

heh there is a tea sample menu option, so alternatively, that could be where the tea sample prices are listed.

MelissaTea said

I agree that listing the price for a sample size is annoying, but a lot of sites do that. Or they might say “8 cents per cup” but that’s only if you buy a pound.

Sil- I noticed that as well and I am working with Tao to resolve it. The website is continuing to be updated. Just like any work of art it needs time and feedback. So I thank you for for letting me know what we can do.

MelissaTea & Sil- Can you explain more about what you mean for “samples”? Do you mean the “Tao Tea Pouch”?

sansnipple- Thank you for your feedback. There are teas that say the year (for aged teas) and the rest is from the spring, this has always been the case for Tao Tea Leaf as we go to source fresh tea around the Qingming festival. I will discuss how to add this information with Tao, and we will see from there. But I do suggest you look into our Tea Tour http://www.taotealeaf.com/tea-tour/ This is when we get part of our collection.

Thank you everyone. I look forward to hearing more from you all. Keep on steepin’

Sil select said

Samples = tao’s 5g pouches :)

It was nice meeting you today for real. Excellent turn out at the moon cake/tea tasting festival. It’s fantastic to be able to get out, talk to people and try a bunch of teas.

First order of business for you – get the aijiao up on the website haha

Looking forward to seeing how the website develops since Tao has some great offerings out there!

Lol. I mentioned your eagerness to have it on the site yesterday wich I concur with. Its too delicious to have just in the store.

Although for Aijiao it is very limited. This is one of the many teas that rarely make it outside of China. The tea itself is grown in the old Imperial Gardens and only a small amount is made each year. Once its gone, its gone sadly. We will have to wait till next year and hope we are able to get more. T_____T

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sherubtse said

Surprisingly, I cannot find any gaiwans listed on your site. Do you not sell them, or have I simply missed them?


Best wishes,

Sil select said

Still a work in progress from what Tao was saying this weekend. They’re still gradually getting everything listed on the website.

Thank you Sil! Tao is our photographer and is working hard to get pictures of everything else.

Edit (October 7th 2013)- We are short on supply right now. When we have more we will add them.

Sil select said

Anytime! Happy to help share information on Tao’s. :)

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Hey everyone! Good news for those who are not in North America, we just set up free shipping for International orders, when over 75$CDN.

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