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I’ll hopefully be going by again on Monday. I need a suggestions for a rooibos. (As I’ve already got some black and herbal teas in mind.) So far, I’ve had the Oh Canada, Mint Chocolate, and Crème Caramel. Tried the Crème Brulee, but I’m not that big a fan of green rooibos. I was thinking of maybe the Cinnamon Chai or Coco Chai.

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Some people really enjoy Birthday Cake (personally one of my favourite rooibos teas from DT). It’s pretty creamy and vanilla tasting. If that sounds like your thing, maybe give that one a try?

I forgot to mention that this one is a mix of red and green rooibos. So since you’re not really a fan of green rooibos, that might be important for you to know. Sorry about that.

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I love the goji berry one :) just amazing

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Goji Pop is definitely really good! But I think you’re looking for rooibos specifically, and that one’s an herbal tea. Still – if it’s not on your list, I’d recommend just getting a small sample size to experiment with.

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Missed that one, the birthday cake one is in my cupboard and is my recommendation for sure then :)

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For red rooibos, Coco Chai is probably my favorite, it’s not overly spicy, more cinnamon and ginger and a bit of sweetness. Jessie’s Tea is also not too bad, although it can get pretty sweet, I made the mistake of buying a tin of it and it just got too sweet after a while, so now it’s a once in a while tea.

For green, although you mentioned it’s not your favorite, I have two staples that are always in my cupboard: Super Ginger (love love love, if you are a ginger fan I highly recommend, if you are not, you probably will dislike it haha) and Green and Fruity (reminds me of peaches and cream oatmeal when I have it in the morning, and it mixes nicely with plain guayusa).

Hope this helps!

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