Huge Free Tasting - Bryan Park - NYC

Hi there!

Nina’s Paris USA wish you a wonderful and relaxing weekend well-deserved =)

Let’s spread the word that Nina’s Paris will be at Le Taste Of France show on September 28-29, 2013 at Bryant Park, New York! NINA’S is thrilled to meet you in person at this event, and to invite you to taste our delicious high-quality teas, accompanied with some candies and a lot of gifts and sweet surprises … but shh! It’s a surprise ;) Meet us at this unique event along with famous French artists and Professional such as D’Artagnan, in which you will have the pleasure and ability to experience France in a brand new way, through events and programs that explore the diversity of the French world: its Cuisine, Lifestyle, Tourism, Fashion, Culture… This amazing show is about learning, eating, drinking, experiencing new things, discovering, but it is also about having fun, lots of fun. The French love to have fun and LOVE to laugh….but not always at their own expense ;) Here is the whole trailer in order to spice things up =)

Taste of France Show New York 2013 at Bryant Park

We look forward to hosting you in person at this unique show, we have a lot of juicy stuff in stock to share with you, so spread the word, the more the merrier =)

Let us know your name and the day you will come to join us, so that we can add you to our privilegied guest list!


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Sil select said

I wish i was in NY!

Sil, if you want come just let me know and we ll bring you a suprise ……

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Ooh! We’re having our NYC tea meet-up that weekend. I’ll ask everyone if they want to stop in after what we already have planned! :-)

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It looks like the NYC meet-up group is interested in attending. There will be at least 4 of us stopping by on Sunday afternoon at around 2:30 or 3:00PM. :-)


it is the same ;)
come when you want you are welcome you and your friends!

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Ag select said

I wish I could make it! Going to NYC with a friend at around that date in October— I was so excited for a moment until I realised your post said September, heh.


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Oh man. Totally jealous of anyone in NYC that’s going. Overall it sounds like fun. And I’d love to try this tea.
Maybe come to Chicago next time? hint hint nudge nudge Lol.

Listen, you want that we come in Chicago? Deal. just let me know when and if you have a good convention in your city….


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Katiek said

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, so I just ordered some more Je T’aime to make me feel better. :)


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Bonjour :-)

Just to let you know that our stocks have just been delivered to New York for the Taste of France event, and we’ll be glad to host your meetup for a special discovery session. You’ll be able to try all our teas, but also some our macarons and other delicious pastries… for free!! Just let us know you come from Steepster, relax and take as many sips as you want.
In addition to that, we would have a very exciting sweepstake at this event in Bryant Park, you could win a trip for 2 people to Paris which includes a visit of Versailles, our showroom in Place Vendome, the castle and the garden of the queen from where we get our amazing marmelade, and an exclusive tour of our new concept store.
Hope to see you there!!

On behalf of Nina’s Tea Paris, Laurent.

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RogersCK said

Wow, I wish I could be there. Hmm, contemplating about driving up from Maryland…

Kaylee said

You know you wanna…
I bet it’s a really scenic drive this time of year, too.

RogersCK said

Yeah, really thinking about doing it. Unfortunately, I-95 straight up is pretty boring :( Might have to check if friends are home for the weekend, need a place to crash to save some dough, LOL.

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