+1 for Teavivre

Last night I ordered a gaiwan, cups, and tea from Teavivre. I had an issue where I accidentally set the shipping address to my old house, and I scurried over to my email to email their customer service (Mary Bao) to try and fix my mistake.

In less than two minutes, I got a reply from Ms. Bao where she then spent the next hour of her day making sure my order was correct, making sure that I wasn’t paying double for shipping (it was late and I ordered all of my things on two separate orders to the same location, durrrr), and making sure that everything was in place so I would get my order to my new location.

You don’t see that kind of customer service in a lot of places anymore. You normally get some guy who has a script to follow that never helps, or you get a machine to take our automated questions. Ms. Bao contacted me directly and did not finish until my problem was solved.

So big props to Teavivre, you guys are definitely my number 1 go-to tea merchant!

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Lala said

I’ve always had really good luck with teavivre. They are knowledgeable and the teas are good. On a prev order, the website timed out before it confirmed the order went through. I sent an email merely asking if the order went through or if I had to do it over. They added 300 extra points to my account for “my trouble”.

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ifjuly said

Agreed. I had problems both times with my orders getting delivered, through no fault of Teavivre’s but USPS dropping the ball, and both times someone contacted me right away saying they’d been monitoring my order as it went through the different tracking phases and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. Super nice folks.

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TeaVivre said

Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent service and products to all of our customers. I am so touched to hear these feedbacks and thanks for all the people here. Your satisfactions are the best encourage for us to go forward. We will continue to share more and more good teas with you- tea lovers, as well as provide good service all the time.

Hope all of you have a nice weekend :)

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Kaylee said

Echoing the +1! I had trouble paying for my Cyber Monday order with my credit card and got a reply from Mary Bao within minutes. When it still wouldn’t work, she added rewards points to my account for the trouble. And this was all for a very small order! I’m truly impressed by the customer service. Thank you!

TeaVivre said

Thanks very much for your support to TeaVivre. And we are sorry that the problem caused inconvenience during shopping.

Our tech team have fixed the problem. Sorry again for the inconvenience from this.

Sil select said

Mary and the team are fantastic aren’t they? :)

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TeaLady441 said

Both times I placed an order I received an email from Teavivre letting me know my tea would be available to pick up at my post office the next day.

I was surprised because I didn’t even have a missed delivery note from my mailman (and didn’t get one for a few days after) but Teavivre was on top of it! I’m impressed, and I’m happy I didn’t have to wait the extra days for Canada Post to notify me.

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I ordered a few times from Teavivre and I never had any problem, but I think they are so awesome I just had to post here. I love their website which has so much info about tea in general and also about each tea that they sell on their “more info” page. Their customer service feels personalized and their Black Friday events were exciting! Thanks Sil for recommending them to me when I started ordering tea online.

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