Tea Lovers who are also Vegetarian!

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I’m a vegan as well! :) Horray for soy milk chai teas! :)

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Jude said

Vegetarian for about 20 years though in the past 3 years I’ve started eating salmon once in a while (both parents had breast cancer so I’m leaning toward doing more omega3 than just flax and walnuts!) but on the other hand have also all but stopped eating eggs and only drink almond milk. I’m not veg for health reasons, but solely to not contribute to the whole economy of animal suffering.

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Kristin said

In case anyone is interested, this tea is vegan. I checked with the shop owner and she confirmed that it contains no milk:

Karma Blends – Choco Strawberry tea

“Hi Kristin,

I am glad you asked. We use dairy free choco puffs for this tea.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,


I have been emailing Nidhi about a few other things and their customer service seems to be great! I hope to be trying some of their teas very soon!!! Thanks for asking them about this tea and for posting and letting us know, Kristin!!!!

Kristin said

It did take her a long time to reply; but she did. Maybe she had to check on the ingredients before replying.

Are you going to try this one? I’d love to hear what you think about it. I wish I could just get a sample of it.

I’m not sure what I will be trying yet…lol…but it sounds MARVY! :P Just might have to place an order there at some point

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Vegetarian here.

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Apparently I’m just bringing old threads back today!

I’m vegan! Been vegan since April 2006 and vegetarian since September of 2002. Almost 10 years now! :)

Re-viving old threads! I LOVE that!!!! YAY for us Veggie Heads :)

Congrats on 10 years! Yay for more veg*ns!

I too am a veggie head!! I went full vegan for a year but I started losing my hair. :0( I could not get enough protein as I hate soy. Blehhh So I do take in a very little milk and more than I should of cheese. Mmm cheesssseee.

That’s a bummer, Anny :-/ I have to get blood panels every so often for health reasons and fortunately I’ve never been deficient in anything. I mostly just listen to what my body craves (which yesterday just so happened to be vegan mac and cheese…..) The only thing I’ve been flagged for is too low cholesterol and blood pressure lol oh the irony

That is so wrong. You stop that eating too heathy business right now! Lol

Haha =) My brother, who does no carb, actually said it’s close to impossible to eat so many carbs like i do and not gain an insane amount of weight. I drink kombucha whenever i can afford it and tea like a fiend. Being vegan definitely has helped! I weigh 30-40 pounds less now than when i was in junior high! I used to drink like 6 sodas a day!!!

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Another vegan here, well I am and our company is too. Anyone ever try hazelnut mylk in chai? Its amazing! Pretty much anything with hazelnut mylk is amazing.

Scott B said

Is that something you make yourself or something you can buy in a health food store?

Luckly for me and the cows, I like my chai without milks.

Love knowing anything i buy from you will be vegan!

Scott B-I get it from Whole Foods. The brand is “Pacific”. I’m sure you could make it yourself too. I make my own almond mylk and its super easy.

MadelineAlyce-Thank you! I’m really careful about ingredients to the point of making sure that fruits don’t have sugar on them (well for health reasons & because certain sugars aren’t vegan) or have any added preservatives.

Scott B said

Thanks, Stacy, I’ll have to investigate this.

Scott B-You’re welcome. I hope you find some hazelnut mylk near you. :) Oh yeah and its spelled “milk”, I just always use the ‘y’.

I really appreciate this! It’s frustrating trying to get a straight answer from some companies, especially since chocolate teas are my favorite! Sometimes I’ll ask about dairy and in return they say, “No dairy, just chocolate chips” Um… milk chocolate chips or….?

MadelineAlyce-I know what you mean. Chocolate is one of my favorite things and too often it has milk in it. I wonder if it would help if you said you can’t have dairy of any kind and need them to check the chocolate chip ingredients. As a side note, we are working on a chocolate toffee and possibly caramel tea. Also, feel free to let me know if you have any chocolate tea suggestions.

Oh my goodness toffee and caramel YES!!!!! I think those are the two I’m denied most often for vegan reasons! If i think of other ideas I’ll let you know :D

Stacy – I vote for Strawberry Chocolate and Orange Chocolate Flavors if you can do them!!!!! Woot!

That was totally my husbands idea. He kept telling me that I have to make him a heath bar tea. I should scour VeganEssentials and see if there is any candy I could use in that. I’m also determined at some point to make a vegan marshmallow tea with actual vegan marshmallows in it.

TeaEqualsBliss-Love the orange chocolate idea. Hmmmm.

Have you visited Food Fight Grocery website, too?

Never checked that site out before. Just started looking through it now. I would love to have a place like that near me. Hmmm, they have vegan graham crackers. S’more tea? hmmm.

Ooh yum! If you ever need any taste testers…. ;)

A Twix tea, perhaps?? :)

Hahaha, well I know who to ask if I need any taste tasters. Yum, a Twix tea would be amazing. I used to eat those all the time.

Scott B said

I’ve been trying to find a Chili Chocolate tea that is vegan. The cacao nibs/chocolate chips issue is always tricky. Strawberry Chocolate and Orange Chocolate are good ideas too.

I always thought Nabisco Grahams (in the red box) were vegan-they use molasses instead of honey. But maybe there is a concern with the sugar they use?

Scott-The Chili Chocolate is probably something I could do for you in a small batch with chocolate chips, chocolate flavoring, chili peppers, and cayenne powder if you are interested. I already use those ingredients in other teas. Hmmm, I don’t know about the Nabisco Grahams. I will have to check that out. I don’t think I’ve ever looked into that.

Scott B said

We just had some Keebler Grahams that use molasses instead of honey-it’s the orange box. We actually use Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate and Dandies vegan marshmallows to make vegan s’mores all the time : http://www.chicagoveganfoods.com/dandies_vegan_marshmallows/ I wonder how all those ingredients would work in a tea?

Stacy-I’d be interested in a small batch of Chocolate Chili. I’m thinking 4-8 ounces. I have so much tea, it’s hard to order much more of any one kind. PM me if you like.

I will look into those graham crackers then. I love Dandies marshmallows but they are too big to put in tea. I know Sweet & Sarah(sp?) does a smaller marshmallow. I think those ingredients would otherwise work with the right flavorings. I PMd you about the Chocolate Chili.

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Something you guys might be interested in that I posted this to my Fb last week.


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Vegan here for about the past 3 or 4 years, not sure. Was vegetarian before that for about as 5. I’ve also had gastric bypass so I get my vitamin and protein levels checked regularly, everything as of Monday is a-ok! :D

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Veggie for 14 or 15 years! I don’t remember when I stopped eating meat, but I’ve grown up without doing so.

Unless my grandmother’s around, because apparently in her book “vegetarian” is the equivalent of “anorexic.” Thanks, Grandma.


Right. If I am ever sick it is because I need meat. Sheesh.

Ninavampi said

Hahaha… Same Grandma problem here! I have also been vegetarian for 16 or so years. My Grandma still tries to feed me meat (unsuccessfully!)… If anything is ever wrong with me (according to her), it is because I don’t eat meat. Oh Grandma…

Haha, right? Oh well. Love her anyways :)

Ninavampi said

Yep! That’s what Grandmas are for! Loving! :)

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Ninavampi said

Vegetarian for 16 years! :) Thankfully all animal flesh tastes like metal (eeeewww) to me, so it is REALLY easy to not eat it!

Sencha (my French Bulldog) is not vegetarian… I do not think she would be to happy with an only veggie diet… Though she does love veggies! Even lettuce!

I love that you named your dog Sencha!

Ninavampi said

It is a pretty name and it suits her well! :)

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