Flavoured Green Teas

When I first got into tea, I drank mostly green. Now I have either black or rooibos/ honeybush. I’ve been wanting to have a few green teas again.
Was planning on getting David’s Teas- Mom’s Apple Pie. Anything else I should get (either from David’s or Della Terra teas?)
I only want to get it from places were I can get a half ounce or so sample size.

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I personally love earl grey green drinks, but in all honesty since teopia closed down I haven’t found one that I would buy as theirs was so good.

Teavana didn’t keep that one when they bought them out, and I am just not a fan of Davids Teas version.

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Kaylee said

Della Terra’s Strawberries and Cream uses a green tea base and is super tasty.

Really want to try that and Roasted Apple.

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I like both Hot Lips (which is a really spicy tea) and Movie Night (tastes like buttered popcorn and is lightly apple tasting too) which are from David’s.

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Den’s fruit senchas are great, Butiki’s With Open Eyes is great too but the absolute best flavored green ever is Butiki’s Creamy Eggnog!

Also, jasmine greens are always a fave :)

ifjuly said

Super agree. Den’s Pineapple Sencha, Butiki’s With Open Eyes, American Tea Room’s Nirvana, and Joy’s Teaspoon’s Mahalo are all fantastic fruity greens. And I know all of them are available in 1/2 oz or less except possibly for Den’s (which might be too, but I remember ordering larger than that). Den’s Organic Genmaicha with Matcha is also good. Harney and Sons’ Tokyo is pretty good too, but I’m not sure how small a size you can order it in.

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Today I had genmaicha for the first time. Liked it, and now I want more. What is a good place to get it? And somewhere I can get small sizes.

http://www.denstea.com/genmaicha-genmaicha-extra-green-575-c-104_106.html I really like that one! But I like most all genmaicha a I’ve come across. The worst was Yamamotoyama…super burnt and icky.

I just ordered their green sampler. (It counts as a b-day present.)

Good! The sampler is awesome!!! :D

I agree with Stephanie, I’m loving the Den’s Tea sampler! I also just ordered some samples from Yunomi (some for free) to compare (https://yunomi.us/shelf/misc/samplers-combos/)

OH YEAH I forgot Younomi is doing that :D

Thanks for the tip! I ordered some of their Genmaicha.

(And I’m still waiting for the Den’s order. Seems long since they’re in the same state as me, but maybe they’ve been busy with the festivals.)

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LuckyMe said

Jasmine pearls…the classic flavored green tea :-D

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