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Janefan said

I’d consider this more than just a novelty, but it’s also literary (which I thought this thread was about when I first saw it) so I’m putting it here.

I just learned from Stash Tea’s twitter ( about Hobbit Tea (I don’t think they are affiliated in any way.)

Here’s the article about the Mennonite and Amish farmers who created this product

and here’s their website:

The first two blends are not exactly what I expected based on the names. The artwork looks very nice, and I like that the packaging is somewhat eco-friendly (or middle-earth friendly, as they say). This would make a nice gift for a Tolkien lover, or something to share with a book club.

I’ve added the company and their 3 bagged teas to the Steepster database. :-)

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Caitlin said

Some of these were already in here but here is a list of novelty teas:

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