poohlah said

Specialteas Earl Grey Replacement

I miss Specialteas…still so upset over it. And I am leery to try new online sites without some recommendations. I loved their Earl Grey…can someone help me? thank you!

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Oh my gosh.. don’t even. My last few remaining teaspoons of Specialteas Earl Grey de la Crème is my most cherished tea. I don’t think I’ll ever find a replacement! Even though this pouch is over four years old the flavor is still amazing. I’d say zentealife.com’s EGC would be my replacement though. Or The Tea Merchant’s.

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Oh, that was theteamerchant.net.

Also, teajo.com has a really nice EG if you don’t want cream!

Lala said

I second teajo’s EG.

ifjuly said

thirded, Teajo Silky Earl Grey is delicious!

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