Massive Tea Cleanout -- Take it away!! -- Closed for now

I did a massive purge of my tea cabinet this weekend and have a lot of tea to give away. But I don’t want to make up a bunch of small packages. I will make 3 packages of mostly flavored black teas of all flavors and sizes to send. Some will be nearly full bags up to 4oz and some just samples. Each package will contain a mixture of small sizes and large sizes. Here are some of the nearly full size teas going out:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Black – Necessiteas
Warm Vanilla Chai -Necessiteas
EggNaughTea Black -Necessiteas

All the teas from Java Tea Co

Hot Sweet Cinnamon Black tea – Art of Tea
Cinnamon Crackle – Della Terra
Fireside Spice – Della Terra

Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut – Utopia

Roasted Beans Tea – Lupicia

Vanilla Black Tea – Upton
Christmas Tea – Upton

Red Hot Black tea – American Tea Room (about 1oz)
Cardamon Black Tea – American Tea Room
So Coconut Black Tea – American Tea Room

Saigon Chai- David’s Tea
Toasted Marshmallow – David’s Tea

Masala Chai – Adagio

I won’t be making small samples of the above. But I’ll send you the whole bag!

Here’s my caveat… whatever you don’t want/like make a new post like this and pass it on to someone else.

So, I’m putting together about 3 huge packages. If you’re one of the first to respond you can request a few of the above teas to be in your package, but I do want to spread them between all 3 packages so that everyone gets an equal amount and quality.

ETA I’ve gotten 3 people so I’m going to close this down for now. I’ll probably realize I need to do a few more as I have a crazy amount, but i’ll start with 3

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I would love to be one of those three and would totally like to be surprised! Better to blog about I think _ Thanks!
Just let me know if you need me to cover shipping, by the way.

Nope! I’m just happy to find a home for my outcasts :-)

Follow me and then pm me your address! My goal is to get these out by the end of the week. Thanks!

Hehe, I have a feeling I am going to be doing one of these soon as well! Thank you for your generosity _

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I would love to try these, if you don’t already have three people! I can cover shipping if you’d like!

You’re in! PM me your address! No need to cover shipping. Just PM me your address!

oh goody! THANK YOU! Honestly, all of the teas from this list look especially good, BUT I’ve already tried Utopia’s Toffee and Upton’s Christmas and two of Java’s teas (they were samples from you sent by someone else, actually!). I would especially like to try:
the three from Necessiteas
the two from David’s teas
Della Terra’s Cinnamon Crackle

But I’m sure I will love whatever you send! I’m sending you my address now. thank you so much!

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keychange said

oh oh oh I’d like to play!
Please feel free to surprise me, but I was especiallye xcited to read:
Vanilla Black Tea – Upton
Christmas Tea – Upton
I’ll pay for shipping, if that helps! or whatever you’d like.

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keychange said

Oh, maybe I was too late. Please don’t worry if you already have enough people.

Nope, you’re number 3!

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