Is matcha popular amongst members?

Hi everyone,
I have recently joined Steepster to broaden up my love for Matcha and share passion for tea. Steepster has aided my Matcha adventure! The last few discussions results are 7 months or 3 years ago… so looking for a place to start fresh.

I would love to know any matcha enthusiasts or even general matcha fans here, to make friends, share views and exchange recommendation to widen my scope. Not to restrict to just matcha but I would like to start from here. I am not a professional but I love this tea so much would like to know who here does too!! :)

Thank you very much and nice to meet you!

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Kirlika said

I’ve actually never tried Matcha personally but the bits that I’ve been reading about it have me quite interested in giving it a shot. Do you have any recommendations for the novice Matcha maker/drinker?

(Sorry not trying to derail the topic… :D)

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Hi Kirlika and nice to meet you!

That is a very interesting question and definitely not the most easy one!

It depends on where you live and what is available locally for ease. If you are adventurous like me, I recommend finding matcha that came from Japan (Uji, Kyoto) because it is famous for matcha. Good traditional start. If none is available then have to order online…

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Nice brands and easy to order online for me: Marukyu-Koyamaen, O-Cha, Ippodo (this one is taxed heavily if you don’t mind). You can never go wrong with them, you can start from the middle range prices, or the grade that starts to be suitable making thick tea.

I have put detailed info on my blog, so if you have free time you can check it out to see that not every matcha is the same :)

If novice, it is good to start from a matcha kit that is available, it comes with a bamboo whisk, bowl, small tin of matcha, spoon? filter? well the essentials. Recommend.

It is nice to discuss anything about matcha! Thanks, Kirlika! :)

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I love Matcha, though I do not drink it as much as I would like since it is not cheap! Especially the way I drink tea :P for a while I was drinking them as a milk drink since my Chasen up and vanished and I was not going to use a kitchen whisk, that would just be sad. I need to get a new one.

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I think the popular matcha brands here on Steepster is Red Leaf Tea for their fun flavored matcha and matachiccino. Lots of fans of Kaimatcha and Aiya too.

Lately, I’ve been starting my mornings off with an iced matcha latte with a flavored matcha from Red Leaf Tea. I limit matcha to just mornings. I wish I could drink more, but the matcha caffeine hits me pretty hard.

I just ordered some of their caramel matcha that was on sale, I have never had flavored and I admit I am curious!

Please let me know how it is after you try, curious too thanks! :)

I will be sure to do that _ Also love your blog, very enjoyable!

Thank you, I will try my best :) Hope you find your chasen soon, the matcha is missing it!

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Hi Amanda,
There are pretty great ones at reasonable prices as well, but yes they are not all cheap. If you filter your matcha in a tumbler or a vacuum flask and then shake it, that will also work nicely for the time being :) Shaken matcha au lait is enjoyable :)

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Hello Awkward,
I have not tried Red Leaf, Kaimatcha, or Aiya. Maybe we don’t have them in France. Are they American brand that import from Japan? I have heard of the candy flavored matcha. But wondering if the additional flavors masks any umami taste. Will check out those 3 brands so thanks! :)

Understandable the matcha caffeine kicks, can’t drink on empty stomach. And how much are you having in the morning? I take 70ml per cup, and sometimes when I have a busy day I prepared maybe 3 or 4 cups.

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I love matcha green tea ice cream…. not sure if that qualifies me for a matcha lover… :)

hi! that is great, matcha ice cream is delicious! matcha is great in desserts!

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Huey Tan said

I love matcha in many ways…

Especially as iced tea, bubble teas and icecreams.
Love it!

hi huey, that is wonderful! i am glad there are many ways one can find to enjoy matcha :)

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