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Greetings from Taiwan 2,500 Meters High Mountain

The distant aroma of Taiwan Oolong is brought by TeaVivre from the island. Delicate flavor comes from 800m to 2,500m high mountains in Taiwan. Now you can feel it less than one meter away.
Feel the floral fragrance from high mountains; feel the pureness of high mountains.
You can find the Ali Shan Tea of everybody’s favorite, as well as the honored Da Yu Ling Tea.

Teavivre Oolong Month—Taiwan Oolong Part (Sep 26 to Oct 16):

Special Offer for Star Taiwan Teas Everyday!
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Additional Taiwan Oolong Gift Pack at your choice

Discover the charm of high mountains by enjoying our Taiwan Oolong Tea!
More details: http://www.teavivre.com/blog/?p=10661&preview=true

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